Where are Trump's Tax returns?

I read on a cat blog that Sblombf Jr. is a Russian double agent.

We’re not discussing the effects or Acosta.

The white house has revoked press credentials for dozens of journalists. He kicked a Univision reporter out of press conference mid question. He threatens journalists that criticize him with retribution, and silences media sources critical of him by taking access away. He’s removed a lot of data from govt climate science websites (agree or not with science not the issue).

Acosta’s credibility as a journalist or the effects of Trump’s attacks on the press are not the issue here. Freedom of Speech means freedom of speech for everyone.

A basic yes or no question: Do you think it’s acceptable for Trump to revoke press credentials, threaten reporters, censor media sites or remove data at his own discretion?

You can’t answer yes to that and say you’re a believer in free speech at the same time. It’s free for everyone, or it’s not. Which is it?


If it’s that simple and he has nothing to hide, why not release them? It would be a political victory for him and would vindicate him.

Yeah so what ?
They are trying to put a hard border in my country.
Try putting a border somewhere around Birmingham with customs posts along with possible military installations and see how you like it.


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Yes tax returns. We want to see them.
Where are they and what is he hiding ?

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His tax returns are with his accountant and lawyers where they should be. If there was any wrongdoing the IRS would have gutted him long ago,they are very good at that and quite greedy. Ask any American, especially the ones working overseas.
On a personal note I am not affiliated with either party.
Would you like everyone looking at your personal financial records? I think not. And don’t give me he’s the President as a response.

Apparently the man is a lot smarter than most people give him credit for and that is their downfall.


This is a fact. No way that he has been involved in nefarious and illegal dealings involving his taxes for three decades and the IRS hasn’t done anything.

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I predict that when we finally see those tax returns, all those clamoring for them will wish they hadn’t.

Meanwhile, he uses the whole issue to show up these people for looking desperate.

This could be a bargaining chip. If he agrees conditionally to release the returns, the conditions will amount to calling the hypocrites out. He could demand various Dem tax returns. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first.” He could demand Bubbette’s email server. He could demand a tax cut for the Deplorables. He could demand an Odammitcare repeal. He could demand a lot of things, that, simply by making the demand, he changes the subject.

It doesn’t matter whether he can get those things. Simply by demanding them, he changes the whole game. Because if he agrees at all to release them, the whole “he’s hiding something” narrative goes poof. By demanding something in return, he avoid looking like he’s caved. By demanding the right something in return, he turns the tables.

He has a track record of turning the tables on these fools. Their narratives all go poof sooner or later.

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I kept telling my friends who hated Trump this during the last campaign. He succeeded, wildly, in both real estate and entertainment and was one of the best branders of all time. It was clear to anybody who was paying attention that the ‘birther’ talk was him sliding into politics and testing the waters. However, democrats have an unfortunate habit of underestimating their political opponents by characterising whoever is running as “literally the dumbest politician we’ve ever seen…or corrupt…or dumb and corrupt”.

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I would err very much on the side of accountability. Privacy is for private citizens. Those who want their privacy should reciprocate by keeping out of everyone else’s business, and that means not being in the government.

But no double standards. If his tax returns are public, then so should be the tax returns of all elected officials whatsoever. All of them, or none of them.

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I don’t believe that anybody cares about Trump’s taxes. I don’t believe that anybody really believed that Russia was involved with the Trump campaign until they had repeated it over and over and over again, thus convincing themselves it was true.

Republicans went after Bill Clinton using garbage allegations and Democrats have simply evolved to do nastier things to Trump. (Ironically, in between we had a pair of presidents who really did terrible things but both were solid enough in their personal lives not to generate enough news for the tabloids to pay attention.)

They are simply going to keep launching baseless accusations to make everything seem sordid, like the Trump admin is constantly hiding things from them. It’s a game. Shameful game but a game just the same.

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Correct he is a master of the narrative. He has spent his whole life in public view. Dealing with politicians, so called famous people,newspapers media outlets, Hollywood and being a media personality himself. All this long before the internet and The Apprentice. Someone else also had the same experience his name was Ronald Reagan and he honed his skills talking to average Americans doing tours around the country for GE after his acting career.

I agree totally yes let’s see all of Nancy Pelosi’s Financial records and how much money she’s made from all the credit card companies in America a little known fact conveniently covered up by the Democrats.
I think that’s what Trump understands better than most people in Washington the hypocrisy and he just does things his own way and they don’t like it.

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The Clinton administration was swimming in sleaze, but they couldn’t pin anything on those two.

In retrospect, I think they had the wrong man. It was that creepy little wife of his all along. She was the real evil, he was just a distracting buffoon. While he was sticking his dick in all the wrong places, she had her hand in every cookie jar.

Watch them on video. Watch anyone on video long enough and you get an ever clearer sense of their character. Bubbette was the real evil mastermind. That doofus she married was just a useful tool. A puppet.

But can you impeach a First Lady?

Yes. It’s called divorce. :grin:

He’s the President. Billionaire president with huge local and foreign assets. It ain’t rocket science.

She’s not the President.
If you didn’t give one person so much power nobody would care about their tax records…Or where they were born…Ahem.

I think my last several post need some loving where’s the hearts people?..Yes, Unapologetic solicitation!