Where can I go to get an adult autism diagnosis?

Hi , I was wondering if any of you could help me find a place where an adult could get tested for autisme ( Asperger) in Kaohsiung ?
An English speaking expert would be better but chinese could work too.
Thank you .

I have been trying to get this too.

Do not go to a shrink in the hospital. Most of them are clueless about autism and will dismiss you because they think if you try to get tested for autism then you are clearly not autistic.

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You’ve already googled ‘autism diagnosis kaohsiung’, yeah? However, @Taiwan_Luthiers doesn’t rate hospital diagnoses.

If I’m asking that question it is because I already have a background related to that . I’m staying anonymous for a reason,I do not want to justify my research and I’m not seeking psychological advice on a forum .
If you can’t help with my question , please do not try to give other advice based on your personal opinion. Thank you.

No worries, mate. Any major hospital will give you what you are looking for.

if Chinese is ok, you could contact to autism people’s group and ask them for information.

This person could be a start.

Sometimes the answer you want is not the same as the answer you need. Just trying to save you a bit of heartache and timewasting, from both a personal and professional perspective. Dealing with Asperger’s is a long learning process, and the sooner you start the sooner you’ll see results.

If you’re determined to get certified as having Asperger’s, then as mentioned by BiggusDickus all you need to do is make yourself a nuisance at any hospital and the doctor will do whatever you like. This really does work. You can book an elective session with a clinical psychologist the same as you book at any other department, although there’s often a bit of a waiting list. Your NHI should subsidize the first 12 sessions, IIRC.