Where can I make friends? aka the find-a-friend thread


Male 33 y/o Taiwanese grew up mostly in Canada. Recently moved back to Taiwan and still trying to get used and know more about taiwan.

Looking to make some new friends so hit me up! :wink:
Line: brownkun


Hello all! I’m 26yr old male born and raised in the states and just moved back to Taipei for a job.

However, I am fluent in mandarin and have been visiting Taipei since I was 4. So I know the city pretty well and wouldn’t mind acting as tour guide to anyone new here! Please feel free to contact me via PM if you need a friend! I’d be more than willing to share the knowledge I have about this great city over a beer (or two).


Hi, i’m currently now based in Taichung. If any of you guys wanna get together and have a coffee. Do hook a brother up!



I’ve just joined Forumosa in the last half-hour…thankfully there are no blinking lights to confuse me further as how to operate this thing :smiley: …I am looking for people in Tainan, Chiayi, or Gaoxiong to hang out with. Especially other foreign women. Just want others to talk to.


Hey guys! I’m in Taiwan for about two months or so though I am contemplating due to family issues whether to apply to an university here and move back in the future.
I’m currently in Taipei and though having been born and raised in the US, my Mandarin is decent enough to hold conversation without being detected as a foreigner unless it starts getting complicated. <_<
Either way, I’m down for a community event or just a coffee somewhere in the area as I’m not very familiar with Taipei outside of my district (which is like Civic Blvd/Nanjing Lu).


I’m a ABC visiting Taipei by myself for a month. Looking for some people to hang out and go to clubs with. I am 24 years old grad student. (Male) I am really up for anything. Staying with family for the whole time is kind of boring. If anyone is up for bars, clubs, basketball or anything let me know!
Feel free to add me on Line: e13mentx


28 yrs old male here. I was born here in Taiwan but spent most of life in the States/Canada. I really dont know anyone here outside of my family and I hope this attempt can salvage my dying social life. I’m a mostly sporty person but I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to learn new things. PM me, email me or whatever! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I’m currently visiting my relatives in Taiwan for around 3 weeks and looking to meet new friends to hang out for the next couple of weeks!

I’m a 21 year old male born in Taipei but moved to Australia when I was really young. Looking for new friends for drinks/sporting events/ clubbing/movies…anything really!

Feel free to add me on Line: andymage or send me a PM

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m in Taipei for the rest of the summer and looking to hang out in and around the city. I’m 22, from the US, and I’ve got beginner/moderate Chinese. If anyone wants to grab a coffee or knows of a place worth exploring, let me know! My line’s ‘granthertel’ or you can just message me here. Looking forward to getting to know some of you!


Hey, I’m 24 female, spent past few years studying in UK and recently started working in Taipei. I’m quite active and up for anything fun/randoms - just want to meet some new friends really :slight_smile:

Found friends I’ve known in the past in Taiwan no longer share the same interests/values.


Anyone interested in going skiing in Japan this December?


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I’m a Taiwanese girl who just come back to Taichung after a half year traveling in Europe.
And I like to make friends with people of foreign background,
since I feel more free when talking with them.
I’ll be willing to meet you in Taichung. or we could add Skype first.
Also welcome others in Taichung ! Let’s meet ))


Hey! I’m 29 male, ABC, born and raised in SoCal looking to meet some new friends to hang out with in Taipei. I speak native English and conversational Chinese and really need to improve on my reading ability so I am down for language exchange too. I am a very laid back guy who is into food, exploring the city, riding with a moped group, outdoors activities (hiking, basketball), and grabbing some drinks.

PM me or find me on Line : PeonInChief1


Hey everyone, I’m a 22 yr old Taiwanese/Korean guy that has lived in Cali/Texas/Virginia/Florida for the last 12 years. I was born in Taiwan and I can speak Chinese pretty well. Just recently moved back to Taipei and don’t know anyone around my age. I know Taipei pretty well so I don’t need a tour guide haha. Just looking for some friends around my age to play sports of any kind and go out bar hopping and clubbing. Add me on FB if you want to meet up!


I’m a Taiwanese boy who just finished my gap year in Australia. Now I live in Taipei City. I am native in Mandarin, fluent in English and conversational in Japanese. I am looking for foreigners to make friends. I can teach you some Mandarin Chinese Slang and share my story in Australia if you’re interested. And we can go to local night market or have a cup of coffee. We can meet together in Taipei City and we could chat on Skype first. My Skype id is hushenpaul
or facebook me:
Feel free to send me a private message!
I’m willing to answer any questions related to Taiwan.
Thanks for your attention.



French 21 yo male here, looking for both locals and foreigners to spend some time with.
I’m up for pretty much anything: Grab a bite, a drink, a movie, some sports, w/e :slight_smile:

Line: martz2804




[color=#FF00BF]HI I’m a girl live in kaohsiung and like meet new friends and help ppl who just move to kaohsiung study and work here.
If u need practice chinese or hang out and make friends
this my facebook


Hello everyone! I am a 33 year old Dutch male and I will be staying in Taiwan/Taipei at least until the end of June next year. I speak English, Dutch and also relatively well some German. I am a PhD candidate in the field of history and am currently an affiliated researcher at Academia Sinica. My topic concerns 16th century Chinese military history in combination with intellectual history. I am looking for people to hang out with, have a drink, get some food, going sightseeing across the island, hiking in the Taiwanese nature. I love talking about history and current political world events, not just confined to my own narrow field of research :wink: I am also a bassplayer, so jamming/making music would also be an option. Furthermore, I am also interested in a language exchange, as my reading comprehension of modern Chinese is ok enough for research, but I want to improve my listening comprehension and speaking fluency, which are quite poor in comparison. PM me if you would like to meet up! Cheers!