Where's the best pumpkin pie in Taipei?

Any recommendations, ladies and gentlemen?

This one in Neihu, by Bihu Park is supposed to be good, not a personal recommendation but from local friends


I guess everyone else agrees with you on that since there are no other recommendations :slight_smile:

I don’t know about their pumpkin pie, but their pies are generally delicious.

Have you tried the Costco one?
It’s not bad neither.

Mom’s Pies, linked above, does have pumpkin pie - I like their pies, but I’ve never tried the pumpkin.

They’ve got a few trucks that appear all over the place on a weekly schedule, often adjacent to MRT stations. Link for the schedule, Chinese only: https://www.imomi.com.tw/index.php/salesvan

And forumosa discussion of Mom’s Pies:

And an older thread about pumpkin pie:


Any other recommendations apart from Mom’s pie?

I tried it (with pumpkin, chocolate, raspberry, mango) yesterday and, unfortunately, the person I bought it for didn’t like it.

The reason is the way the cakes are cooked.
Let me try to explain it.
All pies consist of two parts: the lower layer(or crusty pie shell or how do you call it in English :thinking:) is kind of cooked apart from the sweet stuffing on the top.

Therefore I’m still searching for other pumpkin pies to try.

Pie crust

Pie filling

Then most pies have a second crust on top or crumb toping. Pumpkin pies do not.

Because pumpkin pie filling is a liquid, the bottom pie crust should be pre baked before adding the filling.

All of Mom’s pies have the same dense pre baked pie crust. It is not a light flakey crust. Costco’s is the same. But Costco’s tends to be under baked on the bottom and the filling not quite firm enough.

Mom’s pumpkin pie tends to be over baked and too dry/firm.

I love their cherry cheesecake though. I guess you could say Mom’s pies have a crust more suitable for cheesecake.

Try baking a pumpkin pie if you have an oven. You can get all the ingredients easily in Taiwan year round. Endless recipes online.

Also, warm pumpkin pie is completely different from eating chilled/cold pumpkin pie. Personally, I prefer cold with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Don’t heat it up!

Render your own lard and make your own pies.

Much better