Why do British people refer Arab Muslims, Indians and Pakistanis as “Asian”

? What’s this one

Sri Lanka I assume

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I’m too slow.

Which descriptor would you use?

A group of predominantly Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and a few northern Indians are abusing girls. How do you describe that group?



Yes, of course. Their ethnicity shouldn’t be a factor in reporting (although it should be for the police). However, if the media are reporting it, other than “Asian”, what other term could be used?

Ethnic Russians are a Slavic people from Europe. However there are people who are Russian that are Asian, like Turkic and Mongol peoples too. Those ones could be called Asians, however the ethnically Slavic ones are not usually referred to as Asian.

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Because Asia is Asia, and those people from Asia are Asian. Why is this even a thing?

Oppressed minorities?


A disgrace to mankind.
I mean peoplekind


Because clearly not many people call Mexicans as Americans.

@tommy525 called, he wants his Talking Out Of His Butt pants back by midnight…

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In that context its kind of implied that you mean United States of American. And I guess in your Asian example you mean East Asian. I get it.

However you don’t need to play dumb about why people refer to apples as apples.

Also Mexico is more solidly America than the US is. There are many Native American peoples down there brah.

I understand technically they are in Asia. But surely you wouldn’t call a Japanese person and a Indian next to each other, Asians. Grouping all of the people into Asians seems rather… weird.

Just list the countries that they’re from. That’s what my hero kman does.

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Technically, and actually. Like right now I’m in Taiwan. I’m not ‘technically’ in Taiwan. I’m actually in Taiwan.

Asia is a large Continent that contains well over half of all the people in the world. So of course its going to be a broad bunch with a huge amount of diversity.


Are you saying you’re not technically in Taiwan because you don’t think it’s a real country?

I think I need to go lie down now…

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That’s kind of my point.

Guys it’s kinda like uhh racist to call everyone from the continent of Asia, Asian. Like there’s different cultures and stuff that exist in Asia. Not everyone from Asia is the same. I though this was a liberal message board, one with progressive values.


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