Why do People Demand 100% Accuracy on Facts/Advice?

Fine I don’t know exactly about brunai, but this advise applies to most countries other than the US, Canada, or the EU, Australia or new Zealand.

Why do people demand 100 percent accuracy on facts, like who cares if the suicide hotline phones on the golden gate bridge is spaced 20, 50, or 100 meters apart.

What I see here is some kind of cyberbullying against me for some reason.

When being factual people want 100% correct information not someone playing guessing games.

Then just stop right there. It’s Brunei. At least try to spell it correctly. It is not cyber bullying.
First you can do some research before you comment on something especially when you admit you know nothing. Secondly people do not use US$ or Euro when in Asia wanting local currency unless that currency is not traded or has parity to another currency. Just as the HK$ is paired to the US$.


I also prefer my facts factual.


Hey, we’d probably settle for like 75%. But we’re not going to get it, are we?


I have the best facts, my facts are 100% accurate, some might say even a little bit more than 100, but let’s say 100, OK?


Because you could seriously waste people’s time and/or money.

Nobody’s asking for everything to be on point all the time, but many of this stuff is…googlable. It’s one thing to be wrong once in a while…

But like… come on.


@Taiwan_Luthiers, this is a consistent issue with you. As I have said before, if you are tired of various posters calling you out on your false information, consider how frustrated we (still) are that you continue to post false information


I was gonna write the same but hope for 30%.


That’s approaching broken clock territory… :sweat_smile:


Broken clock territory or 30% seems like a reasonable first target to aim for. Shooting directly for 75% may be unrealistic. :sunglasses:


Your facts are fire.

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No need to keep encouraging TL to keep it low.

It was a joke, of course.

I complain to TL about this all the time because it’s really annoying when others are trying to provide accurate information. As far as I’ve seen, you just started today with his Brunei misinformation.


Calling me out for distance between phones on the golden gate bridge seems excessive.

I kind of agree with that, and I think you did say “20 meters or so” (unless you edited it after writing).

At the same time, every 20 meters would seem like a lot of phones, and maybe you could just have not mentioned a distance or said “at regular intervals” or something.


If that was the only time, yes. But:

Seriously, you’re going to have to start using google to check. Yes, that’s annoying for you. But dealing with the constant stream of wrongness is annoying for us, and could cause someone serious issues


Have you considered running for public office? It seems this kind of talk has a market!



“For some reason” = you post stuff that is untrue and have therefore wasted people’s time. Far too many times I have seen something you made up and/or inaccurately believed that you knew: I’ve thought “Huh, I didn’t know that! Interesting!”, or “Wait, isn’t it ____ instead?” and then done, oh, five (maybe ten) seconds of Googling and realized “Never mind, that’s wrong [again].”

Regular users at least have learned to consider your posts unreliable. I really worry about those who pop in once to ask a question and get suggestions from you: How far and how badly are they being given incorrect suggestions?

Yes and no. In normal cases, yes, it’d be excessive. After years of learning how you post? Nah, not anymore. You’ve been called on this so many times that I’d have thought by now you’d put at least a little care into posting accurate info.


Not when your stated distance was off by an excessive amount. I mean, where exactly did you pull that 20 meter figure from? No, wait…I don’t want to know.

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It might be easier for you to just not answer these kind of questions @Taiwan_Luthiers. Unless it’s about, say, guitar making or something like that :slight_smile: Providing accurate information to people is one of the functions of this site and we need to preserve that.