Why not become a Taiwanese citizen?

No worries, Taiwan will be bilingual with English as a national language by 2030!
Said sarcastically, of course. That’s another thread…

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Not being taxed globally is alone a good enough reason to renounce american citizenship.

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Which is no use.

They don’t want you, but they don’t care if their own citizens have multiple citizenships.

BTW, what happens with inheritance if you pass away and have multiple citizenships?


It’s a technicality, but most nations don’t want people with 2 citizenship. The US does not want dual citizenship either but when you naturalize they don’t make you provide proof of renunciation, they simply say that your other passports/citizenship are not recognized while in the US.

I want to ask if my grand father have a taiwan passport but during that time there is no so called taiwan national id.in his passport the old passport of 1970’s so how my mother can claim to have a taiwan id.

far as I know its parents only, grandparents don’t count. (not sure though)

Despite (statistically) being in the top 10% of earners in this country (as a foreign English teacher in a public school), I’d need to just about quadruple my income to start owing taxes in the US.
Now, for people making six figures (USD), I might be peeved by the taxes. But I’d probably not consider renouncing citizenship unless I was making over a million a year. At which point I’d be getting so many government handouts from the US I would still probably keep my citizenship

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To me the only things holding me back from committing to Taiwanese citizenship and renouncing my home country are:

  1. If China takes over by force of if some doofus future president lets the CCP waltz in here and ruin everything.

  2. Even as a bonafide, legal Taiwanese citizen I’ll still have to deal with language ostracism and racial ignorance every f’n day if my life… even when I’m an 阿貝 riding a haggard 50cc scooter wearing a bicycle helmet, baggy wifebeater, oversized gray khakis and 藍白拖鞋 with my legs spread open as wide as possible I’ll still be a 外國人.


For me, this isn’t really an issue.

Who cares what they think? I just wanna live my life. I don’t care what Agei thinks. Many Millennial Taiwanese are certainly fine with accepting a foreigner becoming Taiwanese anyways.

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Yeahhhh this is what I need to hear. Thanks man.

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Because I will never feel like a real Taiwanese. It’s just not the citizenship that’ll make me renounce my current one. I’m perfectly fine with my APRC. I don’t need to vote because I feel like I don’t know enough about Taiwan’s history or its political plight to make that vote.

And I’ve always been comfortable being an outsider, looking in. Been learning so much about myself and cultural diversity that way. I love Taiwan, but it’s like a platonic love for someone. Haha.

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This thread got me curious after talking to a Taiwanese friend that recently worked in China. According to them they don’t need a visa just a baomingzheng as proof of taiwanese citizenship and can work there no problem. Apparently because the mainland consider every Taiwanese resident “Chinese”.

So hypothetically speaking if a white european and formerly european national was to obtain taiwanese citizenship and passport through naturalization. Would the Chinese government also let them in “visa free” as a “taiwanese compratriot”? This would also go against their ban of all “foreigners” due to covid restrictions. Kind of interesting musing.

Yes they do of course if you get the taiboazheng.


Yea it was a policy made by Xi from 2018, a Taiwanese has essential open work rights in China with a Taibaozheng. A pot of honey left by Xi no doubt.

Used to be a Taibaozheng was only used as “passport” to enter China, you had to get an entry visa on top of that, and some airports (like Beijing) allowed you to get it upon arrival. You needed a work permit as well you work in China but it was literally rubber stamped. Xi abolished all that and just made Taibaozheng as work authorization.

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wide leg man



I just called TECRO and asked them how I can get a Taiwan passport. They said I have to get my parents to get some 3-month household registration thing from Taiwan.

Forget it.

I’ll be 41 by the time this process if finished (hopefully)!

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Still holding hope that one day foreigners living in Taiwan over 25 years can apply for passport without being officially recognized for “special contributions”.
But as my health gets worse I might kick the bucket before that happens…sigh.