"Working Elsewhere" sub-topic

Under the “Work” forum can we please have “Working elsewhere” to talk about remote work or other work-related shenanigans that is not located in Taiwan?

A. Yes
ii. Yes
3. All of the above

We can easily make a tag for it. There’s also the “Greater Forumosa” forum; such a tag would fit a lot of topics there too.

If you PM links, I’ll tag them. If you read 2k more posts you’ll be TL3 and able to do it yourself :slight_smile:


Perfect, thanks (it was the WFH thread which I’ve now created)

Time for an automation script… :smiley:


Come on!
Forumosa isn’t that boring :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just mindlessly scroll through a big topic you haven’t looked at.

That works, too!
Nudge @11173 :grin:

already taking that approach, holding down the PGDN key through a few topics

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but I’m worried what counts as 1 read, for example if I jump through 22 posts at once will that give me 22 posts read or 1? guess we’ll find out soon enough

Might I recommend classics such as

Definitely not dumpster fires.

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It’s working.
Unless you found another magical way to read 500 posts in the last 5 min!

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FPP if definitely a good one!
At least you can enjoy it while scrolling :smirk:

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