Worst Pizza

Oh my christ! Good luck with that, bro.

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I bought beer on the way home when i saw it. Its helping…slightly.

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Dominoes differs per country significantly. In Taiwan, I thought it was shite.

In France, it is great and popular with locals believe it or not. Lots of local options like adding many types of French cheese variants, etc. Never ordered it in many locales around the world and generally preferred more haute cuisine in France, but when I did go fast food and felt like Pizza, I liked it.

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Did you ever get a McRoyale with Cheese from French McDonalds?

Yip, and they have a lot of seasonal options on different burgers.
McDonald’s in France and the American Winter Menu (oberjuerge.com)

When in France, I am more into truffles, duck and good Dordogne and Occitan fare, but once or twice a month, I need my fast food fix. And the French sure love fast food. They don’t put too much in their historic city centres but the rings outside the cities? Full of KFC, Burger King, etc.

I don’t get why they don’t call it a hunk of burnin’ love. Possibly copyright

Why who doesn’t call what?

I don’t remember.

Looks bad, there are good ones in Pingtung you know?

They missed the part where the cheese is supposed to be at the bottom of a Chicago deep dish…

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Im pretty sure tw dominos isnt owned by the US dominoes and as a result they have their own suppliers which is why dominoes here is absolutely horrible

Ya there are good pizzas in pingdong. I personally like wood fired thin crust, but im not picky.

That photo wasnt in pingdong though, i bought that lovely piece of heaven in taidong…at a place called “Chicago Pizza”. I think its a chain. About as good as dominos haha.

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I assumed that you were eating from the same named joint on Fuxing South Road in Taipei. Man those guys have gone downhill, I thought.


In general terms Japan wins. They have produced historically bad pizza. Taiwan, however, is breaking new ground in this field. Anybody tried that pork blood cake pizza from Domino’s recently? It is unspeakable.