Wuhan lab leak theory

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Biden’s order to the intelligence agencies was a good thing. But the 90-day deadline smacks of political theater. The U.S. needed two decades to figure out what went wrong at Pearl Harbor. We had trouble tracking Osama bin Laden to a compound he had reportedly occupied for five years. That we will uncover the truth about the origin of the pandemic in three months seems … unlikely.

If the Covid-19 virus does turn out to have escaped from a Wuhan laboratory, even by accident, the world will erupt in fury. The pressure to “do something about it” — to find a way to punish China for its negligence and its coverup — will be intense.

And it should be. Millions are dead and billions of fists are shaking in the air.


I didn’t ask the political questions, those are for the political forums, but those are there too, perhaps the more interesting questions too.

I am merely reading his emails and comparing that to what he was saying publicly and privately according to those that were there, with what he was discussing at the time in his emails.

This focus on Fauci is a waste of time.
The real culprits : China.


Maybe, but that’s for the politics forum. As a scientist and as far as this forum goes, he shouldn’t have blown off a credible possibility, one he was discussing in his emails.

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As Dr. Martenson mentioned, many top US health officials were invitedlved with collaborating, even funding WIV’s gain of function research.

Members of the team that the WHO sent to China to find out the origin of the virus were also involved with WIV’s pre-COVID coronavirus research, publishing multiple papers with the bat lady.

The fact that they were sent in by the WHO is a total failure to avoid conflict of interests.

Those people have also been the most radical and vocal when it comes to suppressing any dialogue about possible non-direct-zoonotic origins of SARS-COV-2.


Well, you can see why the WHO would invite people who knew a lot about coronaviruses to investigate a coronavirus outbreak. and also why those people may have worked with Wuhan in previous collaboration.

My money is on Daszak being a political asshole, covering for his friend the bat lady. Fauci was also playing politics, trying to stay in the game with Trump while not actually supporting some of Trumps’s crazier ideas, like injecting bleach and sunlight. So this got conflated with that.

Some of you seem to gloss over the fact that scientists are all humans too, and therefore completely political animals as well. Some just more so than others. Being a scientist does not cure anyone of jealousy, manoeuvering, ass covering, myopia, or bigotry. but not all to the same extent, of course.

and I actually remember reading that nature article from 2015, and seeing some of the genetic tags and insertions in early 2020, so i’ve been behind the idea of a lab leak of a purposefully engineered virus since day one. And what is worse: the actual creation of an engineered bioweapon or the escape from the lab by sloppy containment, i don’t know. fucking BSL2 for a humanised lethal virus? morons.


He never said this. Repeating this media lie serves no purpose.

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Quote: "And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?

“So it’d be interesting to check that.”

Pointing to his head, Mr Trump went on: “I’m not a doctor. But I’m, like, a person that has a good you-know-what.”
Donald Trump, POTUS45, 24 April 2020, White House Press Conference.
Source: Coronavirus: Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment - BBC News

who can work out what the fuck he ever said? The moron was the most unintelligible spouter of word salad ever elected to prominent office. Of course people who heard that would come up with that meaning, even though ‘technically’ he didn’t actually say those exact words. Even HE didn’t know what he was saying.


It’s hard to argue he didn’t say “maybe we should try injecting disinfectant” unless he somehow believed he had thought up the concept of “medicine” and no one had before. That was one situation where it would have been better to STFU

At least we can work out that he didn’t say “bleach.” That was a media smear pure and simple, and if the media didn’t push it 24/7, nobody would even know he said anything remotely disinfectant related.

No, they wouldn’t. And that was the whole point.

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OK, i’ll accept that he never said Bleach. But he did say disinfectant, of which bleach is one example.

you can just see the little thought process wheels turning: Oh, so UV and disinfectant work to kill the virus outside the body… wouldn’t that also work inside the body? let’s get the doctors to look into that!

and then the doctor’s expression! priceless! (Dr Brix).


UV is a disinfectant, and he was riffing on actual research on using UV light as a disinfectant (in his usual word salad way), which the media twisted into “Trump wants to you swallow bleach!!!” as a political hit job…that ended up causing real harm–which is why I take exception to the repeating of this lie.


I’m going back to eating Tide pods. That makes much more sense.

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Also not recommended…but they are good for removing stubborn stains.

“Deliberate Release” is the theory that makes the most sense and aligns with all actions taken by China in the months and years before the pandemic, as well as the (still ongoing) cover up immediately after.

It also makes the most sense for China to release it on themselves in their own back yard where they can facilitate a real spread of an “emerging virus”, confirm their operation actually works, then suppress news about it, block domestic flights but allow international flights to infect the world, maintain primary control of the narrative and all sites involved, as well as block investigations for a year to allow time for cleanup and other political noise to obscure their actions. Must most importantly it gives them a very good excuse to shut down their factories and supply chain in order to retaliate for the Trade War.

It also gives China the chance to hoard all the PPE and Facemasks before everyone else. China also picked the perfect time to do it so it climaxed with Chinese New Year pre-and-post travel and concealed the production/supply chain impact by leading into an Embargo with a “holiday” disguise.

Put simply, China released the virus to retaliate for the Trade War.

The audacity of it all is that it’s been staring us in the face all this time. They picked the perfect time, and the perfect location, Wuhan, the beating heart of China’s supply chain. Everything passes through Wuhan - a factory in Guangzhou needs parts from a supplier in Suzhou? - it will pass through Wuhan. China knew exactly what it was doing the day they built a Bio Lab right in the beating heart of their massive supply chain.

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My theory so far is that if it was an engineered virus then it was most likely accidentally released, simply because accidents is what China does best. They then leveraged the accident to generate frightening PR that would scare the crap out of the soft-underbellied West, knowing that the virus would be unstoppable and would work its way around the world. This would have worked really well even if the virus were just a fortuitous natural occurrence.

OTOH, your theory makes sense too. If they were going to do a deliberate release, they would know that (eventually) it would end up back in China at some point because all biological agents have a high potential for “blowback” … so why not just release it there to start with and get some clinical experience with it? Plenty of disposable Chinese people to experiment on; it’s not as if the CCP cares how many of them die.

I dunno about fists shaking in the air. Plenty of people quaking in their boots. The word “poltroonery” springs to mind. I like that word. Impotent outrage against China is unlikely to have any impact on their plans for world domination; in fact I suspect they’re rather enjoying the spectacle of their enemies driven before them and the lamentation of their women.

Nobody’s going to start a war with a nuclear power that also holds the global purse-strings, and that’s all there is to it.

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The cause of these negligent actions are directly linked to the CCP and their modus operandi. You cannot separate the two.

Or it could be how he processes details he doesn’t fully comprehend. Trump relied on a strong team not the head down approach he’s famous for. IMO of course. Is it possible he didn’t know a better word than “disinfectant “ to mean what he wanted it to mean? As a language teacher I’m always looking for and at manner of discourse. It’s also one of the reasons I abhorred trump’s clueless diatribes and other things most people talk to their therapist about.

The longer version of this snippet of political real estate is that he was referring to some decades old research that ended up with some kind of ultraviolet light that was applied to blood flowing out of the body…”disinfecting “ it. I’m sure that article is by now buried under the dog’s ass of the internet.

Food for thought:

Fauci’s emails were published by The Washington Post and Buzzfeed this past week, revealing months of his internal pandemic concerns. Among the chief issues, Fauci offered support to a Chinese health official and responded to concerns that COVID-19 looked potentially “engineered” from within a laboratory. Rampant criticism emerged from GOP figures including Senator Marco Rubio and former President Donald Trump—with the former calling for Fauci to be ousted from his federal government post.

But Wallace on Friday told Fox News colleague John Roberts during a segment on the channel that Fauci has been a “devoted public servant for 40 years.” The Fox News Sunday host echoed Fauci’s own response that such attacks are more politically motivated than genuine concern, and said “there is no smoking gun” in the recently released emails despite all the criticism.

“This is highly political. … You’re seeing it as a major talking point for Republicans,” Wallace said.

“We ought to take the politics out of this,” he continued. “I think there certainly has been too much politics already.”