Yet another mass shooting in the US

Can’t really tell from your photo. Looks like tights.

Even if it were, you think it’s appropriate to have him pointing his crotch at the kids like that?

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Can’t see anything disturbing in the photo.

You’d rather someone turn around with his back facing the kids and read? No crotches ever pointed in the direction of children? Or no one in tights should read to children?

Trying to figure out where the line is.

The guy is wearing a skirt, and there don’t appear to be any tights involved. Would you want this guy spreading his legs at your kids?

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If any women did it would you be outraged? Or are you outraged because it’s a trans woman? I’m sure there are plenty of women that wear skirts and read stories to children.

Wear short skirts and expose their crotch to the kids like that? Give me a fucking break. And this has nothing to do with outrage. I don’t get outraged by anything. It’s about what’s appropriate for young children.


You seem angry dropping F bombs. I’m sure plenty of women wear skirts and read to children. I can specifically remember my hot teacher in 3rd grade wearing skirts and I’m sure she read to us on occasion. My parents never said anything.

This person’s problem is that they are not sitting correctly. But also the photo is blurry. Could just be leggings. I’ve seen worse at the grocery store with yoga pants in fashion now. I don’t scream at people at the grocery for pointing their crotch in my child’s direction.

Not at all. I just have a dirty mouth.

Wearing a skirt and reading to young kids? Fine. Wearing a skirt and spreading your legs wide open so your crotch is pointing right at the kids? Not fine. The picture is plenty clear enough to see that’s what he’s doing.


He may be a pretend woman, but he’s no lady.

Anyway, I came here expecting mass murder and I get preverts? sad state of affairs.

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So what does that have to do with drag or being trans? I agree don’t expose your crotch to children. But I don’t see how that has anything to do with trans people. You found one person…so what?

If I found a cis gender woman doing it, would you argue that there are other ways for children to be exposed to women? I think not.

Are trans people all perverts? If so, that thinking is what leads to violence against them.

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tbh i don’t think they exist. hence distinguishing a show from just a reading at a library or whatever the topic is i’m not actually following it.

they wear skin colored shorts under usually. kind of like spandex i guess is how you’d describe it. don’t think anyone is spread eagle-ing children?

actually i clearly don’t know what is going on… did something happen? or can some one get me up to speed cliff notes style?

I don’t have first hand knowledge, but I am hearing a lot that they do actually exist (actually I have been kind of aware of it for some time), and I saw that one was advertised earlier in the day at the bar where these horrible murders occurred. Which is where a lot of the speculation/side talk on this has been coming from.

what does “don’t have”, “hearing” and “kind of aware” actually mean though, with all due respect. i’m telling you i do have experience.

where is this?

not trying to break balls but you must know what this sounds like

edit: ohhh you mean there was a drag library at a gay bar? hard to believe but if you can back it up for sure i’d love to see it :3

edit 2: plz don’t temp or flag me for this, but we’re not huge fans of kids in the lgbtq community. most folk anyway…

Yeah it’s those folks that seem to be a problem. What’s the community doing to shut that shit down?

Is it a concern or just Darnell, he weird.

that seems to have come from this:

pretty sure nobody was flashed.

When you’re sitting in a chair in front of seone,.what direction other than forward do you ‘point’ your crotch?

nothing seems to have been ‘exposed.’ pay attention next time you’re out and about - or not, as you might be shocked!!! at all all the crotches ‘pointed’ at people!

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are you inferring from my comment that the lgbtq community has a pedophile problem? because that is a very -should i say- informed reading of my comment.

i was just saying we generally don’t like kids. don’t sexualize it.

Is that not what you wrote? You made the implication.

I have no idea. I just read and ask questions. I don’t think that your community is immune to the problem. It doesn’t seem rational to me.

if you think critically about the context of my post you may find your answer. i used “informed” in place of “confirmation bias” because i respect you and was trying to be nice.

you made the inference. i was just saying we don’t like kids. but i need to be careful making that kind of statement here because i also got a timeout once for saying we were bad drivers lol. @tempogain probably remembers.

sure, but only one community is accusing the other, or did i miss something?

edit: if it makes it easier- let’s skip the semantics nonsense: i was using “like” in the sense that kids are obnoxious and we don’t want to raise them. hence the “don’t sexualize it” remark。

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