Yet another mass shooting in the US

If you want a reaction from JD just say something about Obama.

I remember going to driving school, taking a written test, driving test before getting a license. Buying gun in any respect is easier than that.

Yes you just answered your own question. The fact you have to take a test beforehand with a license and not a gun makes it easier. And anyone knows going to the DMV is hell on earth.

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The US Secret Service weighs in,

Did Obama say that too?

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I can do all the “definite” things at a dealer. All the definite, probable, and possible things via private sale. It’s s not exactly a secret.


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Lack of “there, there”'s and “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will cause me irreparable damage that will last for my entire lifetime and lead to my maladjustment to society.”.

Yea because there is no constitutional right to drive on public roads…

But as Alec Baldwin shows basic gun safety classes should be taught in school. Most people have no freaking clue about gun safety.

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Yes indeed. Number of people killed by guns in mass shootings in Germany from January 2020 to January 2023: 19
Number of people killed by guns in mass murders in the US from January 2020 to January 2023: 1884

Not as bad as it looks, of course- America has 4 times the population, so the U.S. number proportionately should have been all the way up to, uh, 76.
Say, ya think those strict gun laws might account for part of the difference?

Well, you know…we need more specific data to more accurately compare the two. For example, two details that should be addressed and compared would be the ethnicity of the shooters and their economic level within society. These two aspects are a huge influence which affect the number of shootings in the US. It would be very valuable as well as interesting to see if there is a correlation.

Circumstances regarding the shootings would also be an important thing to compare.

Simply comparing the populations of the countries vs number of shootings doesn’t tell the entire story.


The ethnic breakdown of spree shooters in the US pretty much reflects the ethnicity of the US. So, I’m not sure where you’re going with that line of thought.

I don’t know about economics. I’d make an assumption that spree shooters are more likely to be poor.

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More Taiwanese citizens have been killed in shootings in the US than have been killed in shootings in Taiwan. That’s nuts.

Simply that I don’t think it’s valid to simply compare overall populations of two countries and the percentages of mass shootings or shootings in general. What is the definition of a mass shooting anyway? So many variables to consider.

So, the comparison that @MikeN1 used is just too simple without any context. I love stats more than the average dude, but I also like to know how the stats were derived and whether or not what is being presented is just a way to slant a discussion in a certain political direction.

For example. Germany has gun control and the US doesn’t. Germany has way less mass shootings than the US therefore gun control works and the US needs to implement gun control immediately.

Switzerland would be a better example.

Gun legislation is very unlikely to change in the US. My issue with your post is the suggestion of ethnicity in spree shootings. It simply isn’t the case in the US.

Even if President Biden declare that ALL guns are now illegal and must be handed in to the ATF for destruction (which would be very unlikely), it is still unrealistic to reduce the level of gun ownership by much, and mass shootings and gang shootings will continue to happen as normal.

There isn’t an easy solution for spree shootings, which is probably what frustrates the community, as there are often no one to punish… often the shooter will kill themselves before they can be punished.

Isn’t the talking point that gun owners are more law abiding than average? So why would we think that? (assuming you’re talking a hypothetical situation where that’d be the law)

Because they wouldn’t just hand it in, and some people will just buy a bunch right before the ban takes effect, and criminals certainly wouldn’t hand it in.


So much for them being more law abiding then.

(To be fair, I think most would turn them in if it was, for example, a felony. Because most people are relatively law abiding.)