Youtuber addresses Korean critic of Taiwan

Does she sell anything else? A good Thai curry is what I’m missing.

For green curry, in the same neighbourhood in Taipei, find the lane that runs perpendicular to Tingzhou Road and Roosevelt Road located on the south edge of Shuiyuan Public Market (on googlemaps, its labelled Lane 108, Section 4, Roosevelt Road). On that lane is a Thai eatery sandwiched between two buildings serving piping hot green curry chicken on rice for NT$100. I always tell them to NOT add corn or side veggies (no idea why they would do something like that). The woman cooking is from Chiang Mai; her Taiwanese husband works the front. Unlike the papaya salad joint (really only for takeout), there are tables and chairs here to sit and eat. It’s tasty stuff.


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If it’s not good, I’m coming after you. :grin:

It is good, if you tell them NO CORN and NO SIDE VEGGIES.

Then you get your curry with fresh cooked chicken, eggplant, and basil.

If this doesn’t do it for you, then I am sorry I cannot help you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the Thai food here is fine.

Have you been to Thailand?

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Well, no, but I have had Thai food elsewhere (usually run by Thai ppl). They were fine too if slightly different.

What do you guys think of the Indian food here?

No wonder you think the Thai food here is fine. :laughing:

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Uneven, and also facing challenges (example: getting necessary spices) during COVID-19.

But also, happily, catching on the with general public in Taiwan, with some genuinely brilliant Indian food being served in Taipei both at the high and low end of the price scale.



There are a handful of great places (mostly in Taipei), and a ton of bad to mediocre places. But yes, you can get good Indian food here, especially in Taipei.


Yay another food thread to rehash exactly the same stuff discussed in the other thread.

The part I’ve been disappointed in is some of the bad to mediocre places are run by Indian people so I had a much higher expectation going in. If it was Taiwanese run I could accept the quality. They modify it for Taiwanese taste so even asking them to go heavier on the spice still doesn’t do it for me


There’s a good under the radar spot in Tainan called Mr. Park on Linsen Road. Not bad, owner is Korean. Not super authentic but pretty good HOF type food.

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The Youtuber explains why Koreans feel that way.

Korea used to be poor, and now it’s rich. Someone who’s always been rich takes things for granted. Those things are normal. Someone who used to be poor but is now rich, would appreciate their wealth. So when they come to Taiwan, and see all the Korean handsets, beauty products, music, cars, it’s natural to feel a sense of superiority. [Do you see people driving Korean cars in Taiwan?]

He talks about TSMC in all of his videos about Taiwan, haha.

I think the bad korean restaurants are a bit exaggerated. Most of the small korean restaurants are run by taiwanese, so you can’t expect too much. i’ve been to a couple of decent ones.

As for the proper restaurants my fave on is called 8 colour pork, the gimmick is 8 different types of pork belly. I’m a fan.


I’ve never had Korean food in Taiwan, but I’m pretty sure I’d like it.

I have Taiwanese Plus taste buds. I like pretty much everything a Taiwanese person likes, plus I like almost everything else too.

I’ve had French food in Taiwan and liked it.

I do like Korean style better (e.g. jajangmyun is better Korean style).