Zoe Lee, Taiwan’s First “Weed-only” Lawyer

“the country’s first “weed-only” lawyer. Her firm Lee & Partners Cannabis Law Office, dubbed “Better Call Zoe” in a nod to the popular Netflix series, only takes on clients accused of cannabis-related crimes”

“Lee’s status as one of the most prominent advocates for weed legalisation in Taiwan grew after her first foray into politics last year, when she ran for a seat in the Legislative Yuan as a candidate for the Green Party — a centre-left party focused on environmental issues. She ran and lost on a platform for weed legalisation.“

“ Lee believes Taiwan’s road to full weed legalisation will take at least a decade

She has an award winning podcast “In the Weeds”

She looks stoned in most of the pictures.



Good for her. It’s stupid that it’s illegal, and it seems with my uni students at least, the tide is turning. I just graded a student who gave a presentation on why marijuana should be legalized. And she doesn’t necessarily have to be a “stoner” to realize people shouldn’t be sent to prison for what is essentially a victimless crime. She might just have a strong sense of justice. Taiwan was the first Asian country that legalized same-sex marriage. I have a strong hunch it’ll be the first one that legalizes medicinal and then later recreational cannabis use.


Didn’t know we are the first. But there’s still some strings attached though. Hopefully gay couples would have the same right as heterosexual couples one day.


AFAIK, Taiwan was the first and still the only! I think certain municipalities in Japan have legalized SSM, but not on a national level. And yes, I agree.

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Some of her clients were professors and teachers.

No shit, Sherlock. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I dream is to see gay couples protect their cannabis plants with their AK47.



Not to go off topic, but my problem with that is the AK47 can harm others, while same sex marriage and cannabis can’t.


I get your point, and I’m pro MJ legalization, but somebody who is stoned out of his mind who gets behind the wheel of a car or other heavy machinery can inflict harm on others.

DUI is already illegal though.


So is using guns to kill innocent people.

I am glad that it will never be legalised in Taiwan. Fuck stoners.

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What’d they ever do to you?

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Are you anti paper, textiles and grain as well?

The argument is retarded. Either legalize weed or criminalize alcohol. You cant have it both ways without looking like a complete fucking moron. But, well, ya’ll already tend to play the part…so?


Nothing. I just hate being around stoned people.

Someone is triggered.

To smoke weed ? :smile:

They are kind of easy to be around , they do not argue much but terrible at grocery shopping. They end up buying mangoes instead of oranges and cheese instead of yogurt. However, generally they are a nice mellow bunch. Way better than drunkards babbling on about ex lovers.:grinning::+1:t2:


Someone can’t find a flaw in the logic…move along now :slight_smile:

If you just don’t like stoned people thats fine. But dont bother promoting crimilizing something because you don’t want to hang out with someone that does it. I dont wish the government to make whatever you are illegal, that would be sellfish and frankly also retarded. Live and let live :slight_smile:

And it’ll be easier to get and much more widely accepted (medicinal) than countries like Australia and New Zealand.

As for some trivia the first documented use of marijuana in a societal setting is Taiwan. At 5300bc they used marijuana leaves to make patterns in pottery before they were kiln fired. So also with the longest history of use you would think they might get on board quicker than the rest of their neighbors.

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