Anyone want to join me in complaining to EZ Way about foreign names on Shopee etc.?

I realize this is probably a waste of time and likely won’t achieve anything, but I’ve just sent an e-mail to EZ Way complaining about how Shopee is apparently of the mistaken impression that foreigners require Chinese names to use EZ Way for customs clearance. It’s a continuation of the problems reported by myself and others in the following thread, and maybe other threads as well (I’ll leave it to the bosses to decide whether this post should be merged with one of those):

After several frustrating days of trying (and failing) to get Shopee customer service to fix this problem, I’m making this post in case anyone else has encountered similar problems and wants to join me in complaining to EZ Way about it together.

This is what I wrote (of course, if anyone else does want to complain, it would be good to change it at least a bit). I sent it to and cc’d Shopee (, in the faint hope that doing so would get them to fix the problem faster:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this e-mail because I wish to make a formal complaint about the manner in which EZ Way’s real-name authentication is implemented on the Shopee e-commerce platform.

First, I would like to thank the staff at EZ Way and Taiwan Customs Administration for updating the EZ Way app in March 2021 to allow foreigners with an alien resident certificate to use EZ Way for facilitating customs clearance procedures, thus making it easier for Taiwan’s ca. 800,000 foreign residents to receive deliveries from abroad. I am sure that this change is much appreciated by many of Taiwan’s foreign residents.

However, I would like to bring to your attention a major problem that I recently encountered while attempting to make a cross-border e-commerce order on Shopee, which has made it impossible for me, and presumably many other foreign residents, to use EZ Way for customs clearance on the platform.

At present, Shopee requires that the user’s real-name authentication profile on EZ Way is entered using a Chinese name, as shown in the attached screenshots, which is inconsistent with EZ Way’s own policy of now allowing foreign names. This makes it impossible for any foreign residents without a Chinese name on their ARC to successfully link their EZ Way profile to Shopee and place an order. I am fully registered on EZ Way using my real name as written on my ARC, but nonetheless I am unable to place an order because of this policy.

I have already contacted Shopee about this problem and exchanged numerous e-mails with the company, but they are unable/unwilling to provide a satisfactory solution. I have been informed by Shopee that it will take them 20-30 working days (i.e., 4-6 weeks) to manually update my profile. In my opinion, this is simply unacceptable and discriminatory, and it severely reduces the usefulness of EZ Way for foreign residents living in Taiwan.

Therefore, I would like to politely request that EZ Way and Taiwan Customs Administration take steps to clarify with Shopee and other such platforms that non-Chinese names are now permissible for EZ Way’s real-name authentication and that foreign users are not required to have Chinese names to enjoy the facilitated customs clearance service provided by EZ Way. I believe that this would be of great benefit to Taiwan’s foreign residents and further improve the functionality of the EZ Way app.

Thank you in advance for any help that you are able to provide with this issue.


I would guess that real reason is not because Shopee wants to discriminate against foreigners. But rather it is more likely that their system was designed to work with the way EZ Way used to work. And then EZ Way changes their system to make it better for foreigners. It may be that the new EZ Way interface is not 100% compatible with the old EZ Way interface. This could result in Shopee’s system not being fully compatible with the new EZ Way interface. And they may not have the resources to update their system in a timely manner.

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Oh I don’t disagree with that - I also doubt it’s intentional discrimination, but rather the usual zero consideration of the fact that foreigners also live in Taiwan.

But I don’t care that much about the backstory, to be honest - I just think it’s ridiculous that the presented solution from Shopee is that each foreigner needs to individually contact them, provide proof again of their ARC and verification on EZ Way, and then wait 20-30 working days (wtf?) for the system to be manually updated so they can place an order. I want them to fix it. And I’m still at the stage where I’ve invested too much time in back-and-forth e-mails with them this week to give up just yet.

(One of their earlier suggestions was that I should place the order again with a credit/debit card, which I did and it still didn’t work, then I had to prove that to them as well. :roll_eyes:)

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One customer complaint probably won’t do much to cause Shopee to do anything about it. Maybe if you started an online petition with a significant number of signatures, that might help to convince them to make updating their system a higher priority.

I agree…and therein lies the purpose of this post. :wink:

There’s been a couple of posts on Facebook recently about this too, so I was intending to comment there as well.

I’ve actually just received a shockingly prompt reply from EZ Way, especially at 1:48 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Wow. :astonished:

Dear sir,

We’ve received your formal complaint.
We’ll see what we can do to improve this and get back to you in a few days.

Thank you for the advice


Actually got a follow-up reply from EZ Way. I doubt it’ll change anything on Shopee’s end in the near term, but good to have a response.

Dear sir,

We are very sorry to hear the ulpleasent experience you had due to the Chinese name issue. We can understand how upsetting that must have been for you and of course for other foreign residents too. Actually, we’ve forward your sugguetion to the Customs’ office and Shopee. We’ve also asked Shopee to see if they can make appropriate adjustment to their system. If there is any further notice, we will let you know as soon as possible.
Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention.

I’ve just got another reply from Shopee but don’t understand it. If they can be bothered, would someone mind explaining what the second paragraph means?


很抱歉造成您的疑慮,目前EZ Way易利委APP已開放持有我國居留證的外籍人士註冊使用,



Google Translate gives me:

Sorry for causing your doubts. Currently, the EZ Way APP has been opened for registration and use by foreigners who hold a Chinese residence permit.
However, because Shopee cannot backfill the English name verifier bound by the Customs Administration, as long as it is a foreigner who meets the “English name only on the residence permit” and “has completed the verification at EZway”,
You can adjust the verification status with the help of the window. Please forgive me for the inconvenience and waiting caused by this part.

DeepL gives me:

We are sorry for your concern, but the EZ Way App is currently open to foreigners with a residence permit in China.
However, since shrimp can’t fill out the English name verification form, foreigners who are eligible for “English name only on the residence permit” and “have completed the verification in EZway” can be assisted by the window to transfer their names.
Therefore, all foreigners who meet the criteria of “English name only on the residence permit” and have “completed verification at EZway” can be assisted by the window to adjust the status of the verification.

Any idea what “adjust the verification status with the help of the window”/“can be assisted by the window to adjust the status of the verification” means? The rest of the machine translation seems to suggest I should be able to use it now, but it still doesn’t work with my non-Chinese name (same error message as before). Is “the window” a mistranslation for customer service or something?

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I always have my Shopee orders sent COD to 7-11 without a problem, but since one of those Shopee 店到店 locations just opened on my block I figured I give it a shot.

After entering my info I got this screen which made me chuckle…

Good grief, my family name itself is 15 letters long! This should be fun.

Edit: I used my Chinese name. Thank goodness that’s printed on my ARC


How easy is it to add a Chinese name to your ARC?

I’ve had mine on my ARC ever since the first time I renewed it, when I actually got a Chinese name. When I filled out the form at renewal time I simply wrote in the name. I think it’s as easy as that, just like changing your address.

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Extremely, just ask immigration to add it! There may be a fee and will be a wait before the new card is received.


You should be able to just use your first name for that anyway. That’s what I’ve always done, including at the new Shopee collection points. There’s no need for a Chinese name in this case.

I’ve never had them ask for ID - I just give them the last three digits of my phone number then they ask me to confirm my name. That might be more likely if you’ve already paid online, but I always do COD. If they did ask for ID, I’m pretty confident I’d be able to explain why I didn’t use my full name and get the thing anyway - not my fault if the system doesn’t let me put in my full name. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, that’s how it’s always been with me when I pick up at 7-11. I just wondered if this 店到店 shop would be different.

Don’t even get me started on this when dealing with banks and other places! Since my name is so incredibly long, my middle name is often just an initial, but banks and others sometimes won’t accept documents because it doesn’t “match” my ID. And this is even when the bank itself has abbreviated my name on their records because it won’t fit into their system!


My name is almost 40 characters long. Taishin insists on using the ‘English’ name. One. I don’t have an English name, so now I insist on calling it a foreign name. It doesn’t fit on the bank book and now they send me mail with the truncated name.

But Taiwanese always insist it matches the ID. But they can’t fit it. loopdiloop

Round and around we go. Where do we stop? Nobody knows!


Why would you live here without a chinese name? Seems like more a case of not integrating into the culture than anything else.

I do have a Chinese name, but…

It’s useless when the locals don’t even bloody accept it. They only want an English name.

You can’t use a Chinese name in Taiwan if you are a foreigner for not a small amount of places. It must be the name issued on a document issued by a foreign country.

The government accepts it, but many companies won’t. So I can see why some might not bother.


It’s not a matter of cultural integration when you have a Chinese name but, in some circumstances, whomever you’re dealing with insists on an “English” name, as Marco said.



What’s the point of having a Chinese name if you don’t have the right to use it?

I can’t imagine anyone from Quebec coming here only to realise they don’t pride their language.

Quebeckers would force you to use a roman name.

Here? They force me to input letters into a system only designed for Chinese.