Being blamed by cram school for loss of business

I’ve never used it, but if you search the forum there are plenty of threads on it.

I won’t go into details, but I wouldn’t make life decisions based on his information.

However, seems to me like 104 is not a great place to look for a buxiban job. Lots of those on Facebook groups.


Lol, that’s extreme.

Deported as in the government arrested you to physically force you to go back to Taiwan?

That’s true. It’s the mentality that makes you who you are. Where did you spend most of your time & what do you feel closer to?


I’ve never had that problem before. I’ve always had bosses tell me straight up to quit if I didn’t like it. That’s at-will employment in a sense. I used to work through temp agencies as a student there, too, and giving a 2-week notice wasn’t mandatory all the time. Really depends on the company and their employee turnover.

I don’t mind doing office work, really. Supposedly it’s temporary. Or maybe it’s a form of punishment. I have no idea.

No, this happened many weeks ago. Also I’m never going to put hypocrisy in front of me the way you’re asking me to. If a “paying client” is being cheated out of an education, that paying client should know that he/she has options.

This isn’t the reason why they’re doing that now, though. I did basically shut the boss down, forcing the boss to be silent, as I ranted that there’s no f-ing way I’m being paid 176 an hour, that overtime is all 176 an hour, too, and that I’m dragging the boss to the labor bureau. That is probably the reason. If hourly pay is calculated this way, then that means the boss doesn’t know how to calculate pay properly and this just highlights how dumb the boss is when it comes to accounting. That or the boss is finding a way to exact vengeance. Office stuff is easier than teaching, it’s just really boring

I literally don’t know why they’d blame me for “delaying” the kids’ learning when it wasn’t I who decided to cancel classes. I have to ask again: what does having classes to teach kids got to do with having a labor dispute? It doesn’t make sense. I cannot overemphasize this enough that these two are completely separate issues. The boss is an idiot. Guilt-trips me into feeling bad for a decision I didn’t make?

They have accountants for a reason, is the boss too cheap to hire them too? Almost all businesses past a certain revenue has them.

You can probably find many of my threads or threads about me where I’ve said what happened. But yea, they arrested me then forced me to come back to Taiwan.

The US for sure, even if it’s no longer the same country I grew up in.

Most American workplace don’t even do 2 week notice anymore. As soon as you give the boss your 2 week notice your employment is terminated immediately, and the boss will most the time pay you for the 2 weeks. There’s a good reason for this: They don’t want you sabotaging the company when you know you’re leaving in 2 weeks… some people will do that. For example fast food workers giving customers free portion size upgrade (like a small fry that is completely stuffed with fries, with a bunch more fries that dropped into the paper bag that is at least enough fries for a large one, burgers with 10 patties, a 10 piece chicken mcnugget that contains 20 pieces, etc.), or telling customers not to come to the business because the worker revealed some very disturbing insider info, etc.

It is still a 2 week notice. But they are simply paying you the two weeks.

We do this because if someone has been fired for example they may seek revenge on the company. So they immediately cut your access keys etc and do they audit immediately on that day.

It is a win win. The company cannot suspect you of doing anything to them. You get paid two weeks etc…

Also depending on how long you have been with the company the notice period (by law) can be much longer.

But for a simple cram school… It is worth just having them in the class unless they are a liability… in that case my old school actually did pay one person an entire months salary here in Taichung…

The boss does all the accounting himself it appears. Someone prepares it, but the boss recalculates it all, and this can cause a delay in payments (often does).

Oh, wow. I had no idea. Okay.

Then just consider yourself American.

I’ve never had this experience. When did that happen to you? I used to work at Wendy’s in the past. I had a pretty good supervisor who was pulling 70-80 hour weeks. He was nice. I gave them notice and no one batted an eye. I only worked there for less than half a year. I also worked at Staples before. They were also nice. My boss was good, and my supervisor was also an amazing person who gave zero shits about everything, lol.

This means they think I’m a liability, right?

To do what?

Here, are a few (although some are old), and I think there may be more (I mostly just searched in:title 104):


Thank you for that!


You’re welcome! I hope there’s something useful in it for you.

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Is that the amount in your contract?

If they want to rid you so quickly then there must be a reason for it. So yes… it seems that way

No, it’s a salary. Salary says 50k on paper regardless of hours. There is no hourly pay. That is why there is no actual overtime supposedly. That is why they can’t calculate it properly.

It turns out they calculate it as min wage (176 x hours + number of students x 100). So if you have 20 students, and you work 40 hours, you get… 28,160 NTD per month (the min wage). With 20 students per week, that’s 100 students per month. That adds another 100x100 = 10,000. That means final “salary” is 38,160 NTD per month. This is why (once again) they told me that the only way to make more, I need to see over 70 students per week. For them I’m a loss because I don’t see that many. They also give a lot of office work, which means the time doesn’t go to students, it goes to nonsense that doesn’t really make them money. I used to waste a lot of time cleaning and printing books.

They’ve created this problem. I will make sure they see that then.

I don’t know what math you’re doing here or why you’re still listening to literally anything your employer is saying.

If your monthly salary is 50k, divide that by 4 (4 weeks in a month) and then divide that by 40 (hours in a work week): 50,000/4 = 12,500/week, divide that by 40 and you have 312.5/hr.

A salary has nothing to do with the number of students. It’s a salary. You’ve signed a contract that says you’re going to be paid 50k/month and they are legally obligated to pay you that money based on you working 40 hours a week.

If you’ve contacted the labor bureau and arranged a mediation, this problem already went away.


so then its 50K a month… Also IMO that salary is really low…

God this is terrible advice.


Charlie to rhe rescue.


That math is what the employer told me. The way you calculated things is how I thought it should be. To stay legal, we get paid a min wage, the employer said. Everything extra is dependent on number of students and has nothing to do with any sort of hourly rate. What’s not to listen to? It sounds like garbage to me, frankly, and it appears to sound to you the same (ha). I’ve contacted the labor bureau, yes, and now I’m waiting. They DO pay me $50k a month, but when I take days off, they deduct in a weird way, and I’m only allowed Sundays off if I don’t want to have my salary deducted.

lmao, why do you say that??

You’re not their partner, they do not treat you like one. They see you as an indent at best since you signed a contract, so they can screw you over any chance they can get.

Used to be (I don’t know if it’s still the case) if you missed work/no call no show, they deduct 3 days of pay from you. That’s illegal by the way.

Another reason for the hour assignment could be to make it harder for you to go to the labor bureau, as it lands squarely in their hours of operation.

104 is a Chinese site, they do not have a functional English language site. Unless they foreigner they are looking for happens to speak Chinese, like Malay, Indonesian Chinese, Mainland, etc. they do not look for English speaking foreigners on 104, there are other channels for this.

It’s actually a bit like 591 for housing. All the good housing is not found on 591. I did not find my shop on 591.

Where do you look for housing? I’m starting to look casually for a place in Taipei.

Hmmmm… I never thought about that. But then I could just go there in the morning instead. When the labor dispute comes up, I will have to leave work to go there. They can’t stop that.

They do have something in English nowadays, though. Did you check them out recently?

The BEST way, but the most time consuming way is to canvass the neighborhood you want to live in and look for ads posted on utility poles, walls, etc. and call the number. Not everyone wants to post on 591 for some reason, possibly fees or being harassed by real estate agents (who provides no service but charges a lot of money).

Guanxi is also another way. I actually got my shop through guanxi, so don’t discount that. No way I would have found a 30 ping apartment on the first floor for 15,000 a month otherwise.

When viewing houses, go with your wife, have her do the talking. As a foreigner people will try to rip you off.

No, but as others said, facebook groups are the place bushiban owners go to look for foreign English teachers. 104 is for Taiwanese.

Yes, I’ve joined some groups. I see a LOT of postings. Surprising. And the hours are pretty good, albeit a bit too scattered (not sure how I’m gonna do school with them… we’ll see).

I see. That’s inconvenient. Maybe I’ll have to ask for help to do that. Thanks for letting me know.