Christmas dinner in Taipei/New Taipei City 2019

It’s that time of the year again. Recommendations in Taipei and New Taipei City for Christmas Turkey dinner?

Going value-oriented this time, so per plate under 2,000 would be great

That’s your value oriented.:neutral_face:

No expert but thought a decent full-spread Xmas dinner in Taiwan went for 2-4K per plate?

I wouldn’t know that would be in my stratospheric price range.

Guy help us out here will you ?

I reckon this is a good starting point. (2018)

I’ve eaten the buffet at the Miramar before it was very good! Company paid. :sunglasses:

Sheraton Taipei has excellent turkeys. If you reheat them at home, you can easily stay within the budget. I usually also get some fries from McDonald’s for a more balanced meal.


Looking for the complete spread. Night out. $1-2k per plate. Come on Jesus there must still be foreigners left on this board who live a little

We live. We just don’t waste and prefer to spend our money on better things.

Turkey just isn’t worth $2000/plate

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Remind me to never ask you guys out for a beer :rofl:

First, there is no x-mass in Taiwan unless you go for the commercial version. Second, a x-mass dinner is like any other dinner.

That’s not true. You can get real christmas if you hang out with Christians and Catholics. One of my best friends in Taiwan is protestant and I go see them every year in Kaohsiung.

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I just worry that 2k is not enough for what you’re looking for. Even the Germans charge 3k a head for their goose dinner and that’s not even on Christmas Eve!

Have a look through these:

We went to Brass Monkey last year for an early Christmas dinner, food was not bad :slight_smile: want to say it was around 1500…

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Christmas dinner should be done at home. So time to check Ubereats for specials.

Catholics are Christians ,sorry , but this always bugs me. In fact Catholics spend more time talking about Jesus and Mary than anybody else.


Something you can buy on every street corner in Taiwan, necks, tongue and cheeks!

The protestants don’t have Mary to talk about.

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That just dinner in my opinion.

True, in the home country many restaurants just close for Christmas.