Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

Are you on crack? :rofl:


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I wonder what’s going to happen next flu season. Will it be massive wipe-out due to much lower resistance?

OK, maybe it’ll just seem like forever.

Of course they can vaccinate everyone. It’ll be interesting to see how well that actually works in countries like Taiwan, if or when they start letting people in again.

The flu has miraculously all but vanished. Amazing year in history.


I think a lot of people would hold the opposite opinion. How are you insured when you go back to the US?

I have US insurance…I’m not sure what you mean.

For those without US insurance or those that let it lapse, healthcare in the US is a nightmare.

Perspectives can vary enormously depending on your standing in life of US medical system.

I do know though I had to pick and choose where I went to the doctor. I went to university health service when I was in school because they charged only 10 dollars (and I can pay that with HRA from my crap Walmart insurance). BUT I had to pass on several tests because those costs more than regular lab tests. For example, testing for A1C for some reason costs over 200 dollars, while most other tests don’t total more than 50 dollars. And this is using tuition funded university healthcare which is much below cost and most likely staffed by interns.

You will find the only people who truly loves US healthcare are those who can afford it, or have awesome insurance coverage that would address the costs. Most Americans do not have that luxury. In particular, if you have diabetes you’d have to pay 1000 dollars a month for insulin. Anywhere else it’s 1/10th the cost. Hell you could go to Mexico and get it cheap (and in fact many Americans do this, even though it’s actually unlawful).

The only difference is in Taiwan you may not be getting absolute cutting edge medical service, but you will get something that will treat your condition. It will be affordable. If you have diabetes insulin is free. No need to ration it and die from complications.

Not once did I ever have to pass on tests in Taiwan. Doctor orders it, I go get it done, and total cost comes to about 700nt. This includes CAT scans, X Rays, Ultrasound, sleep study, etc.

All of which would have cost over 10,000 if any of them were done in the states, even with insurance.

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This will increase personal bankruptcies in the US. Some health insurers ending waivers for Covid treatment fees

I know people on Medicare are only paying about $70 now. I’m not sure about others though.

From Spain:

So you’re saying subsidized insulin is cheap in America. Well, yeah.

Back up that claim . What does a few outliers mean ?. Outcome of what ?
Even in individual countries between different waves the differences have been massive.

So cake you are now saying follow the science ?

You are saying that ?


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Because that worked SO well in Brazil and India.

“Follow the science” usually means only listen and accept the scientific findings that support the agenda of the day (funding those that carry out that science and publishing favourable scientific findings). A prime example being professor pants down Ferguson in the UK who predicated 200,000 would die in Taiwan I believe and 500K in the UK.
Now if I posted a video of say Mike Yeadon - ex-Pfizer who has come to scientific conclusions that the corporates don’t like, I am sure there would be naysayers here, yourself included who would immediately call it ‘disinformation’. But it’s all ‘science’ - concluding A appears to be B, rather than A is B.

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Well, 112k died and many more on that if it had continued to run rampant. Plus it makes a lot of people very sick.

I would be interested to know if there is a correlation with the ‘vaccine’ roll out in India and the cases/deaths there.
I would hedge a bet the death rates there are the similar as they were in previous years.

Not for older cohort in the cities In guessing .Reports coming in from everywhere that it’s a shitshow. I can ask my Indian colleagues though it could be very sensitive right now.

Not sure what your vaccine rollout message is.
Vaccines are extremely effective at preventing hospitalization !

Look at data from UK and US.

A “few outliers” means a number you can count on one hand (out of 180+ countries, or however many countries we have this year).

I’m referring to the outcome of their mitigation measures, in terms of COVID infection and/or deaths.

Here are the numbers for all countries:

There is no apparent correlation between “severity” of mitigation measures and the death rate. Among the top 20 you find a whole lot of countries which imposed stringent (and enforced) lockdowns (UK, France, Belgium…) and some others that either didn’t impose them or didn’t enforce them (notably the USA and Italy). Down at the bottom, you again find countries that made either half-assed efforts at control (Bangladesh, Philippines), decided against draconian controls (Taiwan, Korea, Sweden, Singapore), as well as some countries that “locked down” (Australia). If you think you can tease out any pattern there, be my guest.

I’m ignoring the countries that clearly couldn’t report accurate numbers even if they wanted to.

Much of the variation seems to be due to observed CFR. Look at the log-log scatterplot.

The consistent low death rate across most of Asia is very interesting, particularly given the variation in government response.

Yes indeed. Absolutely massive. But as I said, not with any obvious correlation with behaviour. The differences are completely independent of any human action, although it’s probably safe to assume the quality of medical care had some effect.