😷 COVID - Kaohsiung | Quarantine Hotel?

Hi Everyone,

I’m slowly working through the Travel section for information about Quarantine hotels and don’t see much on Kaohsiung. I wonder if anyone had any recommendations for quarantine hotels in Kaohsiung for a family of three, two adults one two year old?

Or, if anyone had any recommendations for family spots in general in Taipei, obviously that means one bigger room or better yet two rooms in a suite of some sort without breaking the bank.

We have also been told that its not possible to make a reservation yet for June and that the hotels rotate, is that true? We’re sort of trying to get ahead of the curve and make advance reservations, even while we are holding out hope that maybe requirements will be eased a bit by then, wishful thinking I know.

Thanks in advance!

Will your family stay at a quarantine hotel for the entire duration of your quarantine, or just the first 7 days? If it’s the latter, beware that you will be required to use an epidemic prevention taxi, as you will still be in quarantine, and the fare will be not subsidized, which means the ride between Kaohsiung and Taipei will cost more than NT$10K.

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Hi thanks for replying so quickly. I was under the impression that after New Year, the requirement for Americans would be 14 days consecutive quarantine and the 7 days then homestay was going to be cancelled after the CNY holiday but I should make sure about that. But yes we were planning to stay 14 days…yes I thought the trip to Kaohsiung in taxi would be about NT$3000, obviously we should probably look in to just staying in Taipei area. My wife is from Kaohsiung so she thought it would be better to be there and family and friends could bring her things.

Thanks for the link to your post on the Kaohsiung hotel, I appreciate that with good info!


Yes, the trip to Kaohsiung from the Taoyuan International Airport by epidemic prevention taxi is NT$2660 as the rest is subsidized. I was talking about the trip to Taipei after the first 7 days (if you choose the 7+7 option), which will not be subsidized.

I have nothing useful to add, but welcome back!