Funny Political Pictures

Smart man (oops!)

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Is that the willfully blind leading the blind?

Those two look like they’re a couple, and brother and sister.

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They’re both blind, but in different ways. :sunglasses:

Maybe Dr-Milker should have post that pic on the official inbreeding thread as well?

ps: when I joined forumosa roughly 6 years ago I would have never guessed that one day I would have the chance to write a sentence like the one above.


I’m guessing the one in glasses is probably the other one’s guide dog.

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Nor have I imagined I would have a chance to read a sentence like that one. :laughing:

Sadly, the State has not seen fit to provide them with a thinking-brain companion animal.

Forumosa: join to discuss Taichung pollution, stay for the inbreeding information


These people are always ugly and overweight. Have they gave the idea of looking more presentable any serious thought? Who wants to join your movement when you look like freaks? It’s never a fit clean cut young man in a button down and a nice lady in a sun dress. The guy looks homeless and the lady looks like a bitch who complains to the manager in every store.

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At least they stopped selling ammo…

My understanding is that WalMart still offers the ammo that works in the “hunting” rifles and shotguns they still sell. I believe they are completely out of the handgun market now, though, both the guns themselves and handgun ammo.

So my understanding is that - assuming they sell any “hunting” rifles in .223 (civilian version of 5.56 NATO) or in .308 Winchester (civilian version of 7.62 NATO) - then they still sell that ammunition. Along with any other “hunting” calibers matching their long rifle offerings. Other variants of 6mm and 8mm rifles are very popular for hunting, would just depend on the rifles they offer.

And I believe they offer 2.5-3.5in. (chamber length) shotguns, so they likely sell ammo, too. I’d be very surprised if they’ve stopped selling slugs (popular for medium-sized game, including hogs), although I’m curious about buckshot choices.

Blame the people who put her into the spotlight in the first place.

I say it’s cowardly and shameful to use children and the disabled as human shields for questionable political agendas.

As for mocking her, that was a foregone conclusion. Just putting her on front pages in the first place was the real abuse. I would have had the decency to let her have her privacy. In fact, I would have insisted on it, but that’s another flamewar.

Was that sign written by a Markov chain?

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Don’t you just love when the Chinese government uses FOREIGN democratic creations to slander Democracy? Too bad they can’t think for themselves.

I can’t.

Is that the Million Man March?