How to start investing in Taiwanese stock as a foreigner living in Taipei?

I have ARC card. I work and live in Taipei.

I want to start investing in Taiwanese stock as a foreigner.

I googled and found this (Foreign InvestmentTaiwan Stock Exchange Corporation)

It says “The onshore overseas Chinese and foreign investors who invest in the domestic securities should enclose the relevant documents and appoint a securities brokerage firm to apply to TWSE for registration in advance, and after completing registration, they can apply to the securities firm for account opening and trade the securities.”

But some people say this is not for me. I can just talk to a broker. They mention Yuanta Securities. But when I contacted them, they say it’s not their job.

What should I do?

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you can do it through your bank or a brokerage firm, you just go there with your documents and open a trading account. I do not believe you need to do anything directly with the TWSE.

Thanks. My bank is E Sun bank. Just go to any branch of E Sun bank, and they will open a trading account associated with E Sun Bank? Is there a securities trading app associated with E Sun bank specifically?

Yes there will be.

Cool. Awesome.

Is there any document that compares different securities broker services in Taiwan? E Sun bank is my bank. And it has E Sun Securities. But I want to use the lowest-fee stock brokerage in Taiwan, so I want to compare different brokers.

It’s OK if it’s only written in Chinese. I will try to use the Translator.

I don’t know about that but Taiwan stock trading with local securities brokers are usually quite low fees.

It can take a bit of time to setup all the accounts and the app etc. Give yourself one to three hours at the bank😶.

If you want to trade overseas stocks don’t do with these brokerages they are too expensive !

Maybe Taiwan stock trading will be faster to setup.

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