Is there a document checklist for JFRV?

In my archive search, I saw there was some debate about people referring to marriage-based ARCs as JFRV, so I’m not sure if that’s really relevant, but I’m looking to obtain a Visa that grants open work rights and doesn’t require me to renew it every year.

@yyy, I’m sorry if this is redundant. I did a search, but couldn’t find the actual document checklist. I’m hopeless, I know.

That is a JFRV.
Go to NIA site and they have the checklist.

Yeah I thought it was strange. This guy was very adamant though.

Arc is not a visa, it’s as it’s name says a certificate

Not really sure what is so confusing about it, jfrv is a visa type just as a tourist visa(or plain resident visa as most arc holders have) except different

Arc is the proof, certificate, you get when you have a visa that entails/compels you to get one

But, are you asking what you need to do to get a jfrv? It’s simple, marry a Taiwanese.

You basically need marriage cert, criminal record, health test and that’s it

The first two from your home country/ies and certified

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but if you are close to get an APRC, my recommendation is to get it.

Marriage based ARC should be renewd next year at the first time, then every 3 years after that.

The point of that thread was that the visa itself does not give you open work rights but makes it easy to get a marriage ARC, which does, yet people are confused because the term “JFRV” is often used as shorthand for marriage ARC.

Also, what Tando said. :slight_smile:

Okay, so I guess I want a marriage ARC then (since I’m already married). Is the process and checklist the same basically? FBI check, ROC police check, health check, marriage cert?

You need the background check from the police from your home country, so if you need a fbi check depends on if you are from the us or not

Don’t think you need it from tw police, although it might be different if you stayed in tw for long time

When I applied I needed it from both hk and Europe, but I was under the impression this was due to dual nationality but it might have had to do with long residency in hk

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I think you dont need a police check to change the purpose of your ARC from employment to marriage, but you may want to check it by yourself.居留/外國人申請辦理或展延-補發外僑居留證或居留原因變更送件須知/

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