Is traffic the worst part of Taiwan's lingering third worldism?

British cinemas in the 60’s played the national anthem at the end of the movie - there was always a scramble at the closing credits to walk out so as to avoid the standing to attention :joy:
Was 1960’s Britain a “third world country”?

Yeah if he braked shortly after how was it a failed brake ?

He just braked too late and was speeding.

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…been here a long time to come to that milestone …did you pass?

Yes I did , proudly, it was pretty funny had a few wobbles but passed fine.

Congrats! I was also wobbly, half nervous, half due to slow speed on the ridiculously compact test track :grimacing:

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Yeah it’s not like driving on the real streets.
Was told to slow down on the first section and take it again .
Then for the rest I was finding it hard to slow down enough and got wobbly but didn’t put my feet down.
Got a couple of jia yous and lihais at the end from the 'observers gallery '. All on a borrowed scooter and no practice . A real Taiwan moment.:grin:


When I came to Taiwan, you only needed a driver’s license (I just used my international license for years) to drive a 50cc, so I bought one and drove it for almost 20 years. Those two-stroke engines were just so reliable. I finally had to replace the scooter when the frame actually snapped in half. Mechanically it was still fine. So I had years of practice before taking the test when I bought a new 125cc.

I finally did it because I want to use the shared scooter schemes


Goshare? i signed up on a international license. Wemo changed their policy though.

Everyones a professional race car driver in Taiwan. Including cement trucks


Except no matter how slow the cement truck is, he still wins every time :grin:


This is actually still allowed per Article 61 of 道路交通安全規則

What rubbish.

By most measures. the UK is one of the safest countries in the world on the roads, with around 2.9 deaths per 100,000 population. Taiwan is over 2.5 times this at 7.8.
(Out of interest, Australia is 5.6 deaths per 100,000 population).

I don’t believe the stats.

I’d say most taiwanese coming to england are unlikely to drive, for those that do they better quickly learn how to give way or they are going to cause some serious road rage on the roundabouts.

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Can’t really help you there then. The article has its sources from the various road authorities in each nation. I can’t really see why New Zealand and US would feel incentivised to falsify their reports.


But the determining factor from the report is looking at the tests in the countries listed.

The US has a problem of letting everyone drive, even people who should not.

Not just letting everyone, practically forcing everyone.

You basically have to unless you live in NYC. Although younger people are driving less with options like Uber now.

Oh and the US lets people drive from 16, in some cases 15 for some states going to school. I can’t tell you have many girls in my HS were just awful drivers that are low skill and low confidence and guys who just gave no shit about safety.

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Same in Canada. Some places in Canada can be as low as 14.