Kaohsiung Eateries

What are the some of best local restaurants in Kaohsiung? What are the cheapest? What do you usually order?

I found the best local food by asking around the locals in my area, the security guards in my building are very helpful. To be honest every time i have tried on of the “Best in Kaohsiung” restaurants, with a 2 hour wait outside and reviews all over the internet, they have never failed to disappoint.

I love this place and it’s dirt cheap.

Interesting someone else goes here on this board. I like to Bao, not so much as fried rice, ect. Price is good, and after here in Southern California a Soy drink for NT$100 and bit cheaper a in El Paso a but still triple Kaoshiung price, do miss those prices. This place is central, going by car is a problem (no parking), so bike there.

Seems to be a lot of interest in Kaohsiung food lately. Wasn’t this particular thread originally about local food?

K-town is the place to be. Taipei is stalling.

Maybe Kaohsiung has just got hungry :yum:

That new kaohsiung mayor is spicing things up.

But we can’t all just eat fish

Whatever you end up eating in Kaohsiung, I would suggest not trusting the ratings on Google. We’ve ended up going to a lot of bad places that way.

If I want a burger in Kaohsiung I usually end up at the T.G.I. Friday’s in Dream Mall. It’s a more pleasant place to sit. Foster Hewitt’s is alright. DON’T go to that burger place across from the FE 21 (assuming it’s still around). That place is terrible.

For a burger , now I like simple maccas/ Micky D’s burger inside FE21 haha.

Taipei has lot, but sometimes overpriced and now days even though I go weekly when I am in Taiwan I stay only for the day (meetings) and after work dinner and train it back south, no more weekends there to try cafes there. I feel I know the South better , I just go local and find something interesting.

Nothing beats “beast burger” imho :sunglasses:

Never been there. I’ll have to check it out.

delicious, and only NT$110, too

Looking for course meals in Kaohsiung. Any recommendations? I’m happy to spend NT1000-1500 per person, it’s a special occasion. European, fusion, anything, so long as it’s good. Just not sushi, we had that last night haha.

Actually it doesn’t even have to be a course meal, even though that’s preferable. I’d settle for a good steak at a place with a bar.

Thank you!

Alright so we went to Croatian Kitchen tonight.


The grilled pork chop was perfect. We paid 699 for it (pretty much enough for two people) but would have happily paid more. The stew was killer too. Had a good talk with the owner afterward, really straight, no bullsh*t guy. Got the impression that he’s really passionate about his craft, it’s kind of a gift he has, since he’s not trained in culinary whatsoever. We’re definitely going back.

Excellent restaurant and the best we’ve been to so far in Kaohsiung. Check them out.

Pro-tip: make a reservation, he hates walk-ins :rofl: Some of the items you usually have to order a day ahead anyway.


Enjoy the shop while you can, as I doubt this approach will work with Taiwanese customers who value spontaneity…


He said about as much himself, it’s funny you picked up on that right away.

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After more than a decade in Taiwan, I am slowly getting the hang of this place. :grin: