Law on working remote

What’s the law on working remote in Taiwan if you have an ARC with a specific address given for your workplace? Can you work from a coffee shop or remote working centre without being picked up by the coppers?

Ever asked at the Tax Bureau on Chunghwa Road and Chunghsiao West Road in Taipei?
Their English is good.
I’ve asked specific questions on tax issues in-person and they always answered with the law.
Not in Taipei? Go to where you file.
Taiwan tax workers are very helpful, unlike other countries’.

according to law you’re only allowed to work at the address you’re registered to work from. It can’t be enforced though, as the coppers walking in on you at your working centre won’t have any proof that you’re actually ‘working’ from there; you might just be spending your leisure time there. I can’t image there would be any way to enforce that law unless you’re reported for teaching at a second location.

Over the last 5 years Taiwan has pushed to become more accommodating of foreigners, and the police doesn’t like to enforce these arbitrary laws any more.

Sort of. Your employer can send you to external work locations, but there are limits to this, for several reasons. If a location is registered as one thing (e.g. a buxiban), it shouldn’t de facto be a different thing (e.g. a kindergarten), as different kinds of workplaces are subject to different health and safety rules, fire codes, etc. Having more than X people in a location simultaneously can activate certain rules and so on.

When in doubt, ask a lawyer.

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