Mexican Food in Taipei


The service at Macho Taco is worse than the food. I haven’t been there since 2015. Has the the service or food improved at all since?


Yes I do. It’s posted here:



Am I the only one that likes Twinkeyz the best? It’s cause of the hello kitty arte eh?! There is seating too! but don’t drink the ritas :nauseated_face:


I hadn’t heard of Ywinkeyz but I like the look of it.

The address from google if anybody’s interested: No. 7-1, Lane 131, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106


@gaboman Ya. They make their own, very nice thick corn tortillas. Pastor is good too. Nice variety of salsas.


I like it as well…


What’s wrong with the margaritas?


It’s awful. im a bit biased as I’ve been spoiled with good Mexican and Texmex. Also, the owner and I don’t get alone. I’ve mentioned it before but let’s just say he also is part owner of the biggest club here and he and I often clash in business because I openly say his taco is garbage. And he gets celebs he books and his socialite friends to eat there and promote it.


They are plenty strong, but more like tequila with a too-sweet sour mix added.


I think its the best I’ve tried in Taipei so far better than Macho Tacos, Quantum Tacos, Eddys Cantina and Taco Man… though its still not authentic…doesnt have any of the Mexican Sabor. I have to try El Sabroso. The most Authentic Taco in Taipei I think would be a Mexican guy who makes it out of his house called Lucas Tacos but he’s in Xindian and you have to pre order and meet him at the MRT or something. He even has fresh Jalepenos and makes Cerviche


Hand makes the tortillas daily, the meat prep and homemade salsa.


I haven’t tried the Quantum in Taipei, but the one in Hsinchu gets a pass. I did not realize that their menu was split into two separate pieces. But, the veg tortas was great! Do they make their own tortillas? I will try the tacos next.


Twinkeyz has upped their game with like 10 different kind of tacos. I had 5 and all good. Fresh and will prepared. Corn or flour. Fun atmosphere.


Maybe he should just offer takeout via foodpanda and Ubereats.

Which I guess anyone could just cook from their home and then put it on foodpanda or ubereats for home delivery. Don’t even need to set up a restaurant


They can sit and spin while I enjoy my Doritos Locos Taco Supreme. :grin:

Rare Ice Cream Finds

With a side of Nexium please.


Is that a new Doritos flavor?


For me, Taco Bell was all about the cinnamon twists and chalupa supremes.
Cheap and not authentic, but who in their right mind goes to Taco Bell looking for authentic Mexican food? You go there for a cheap quick fix.



I know it is a “quick fix” but 1. it is not that tasty -gimme Chipotle then- and 2. it has a reputation of not being very healthy.

Cinnamon twists? Micro churros? Sniff, sniff. Have you ever had a fresh churro filled with dulce de leche? Oh, heavenly.


no, no, no
completely different from a churro. Not even close to a churro. Just a cruchy sugary cinnamon snack that is delicious.

I am sure a fresh churro filled with dulce de leche would be heavenly.