Russia invades Ukraine: Specific Developments 2023

Wagner guy predicts 2 or 3 years of war to capture Eastern Ukraine, I’ve seen that a lot lately. This is the first news I have seen of Russian territory gains

Most reporting points at bad news for Russia. Most of the missile barrage seems to have been intercepted or not done major damage, an elite tank unit destroyed, and now this

Could be good news for Ukraine, still early to say the touted new offensive has failed. I still think Russia must have something more planned than just more of the usual

I can’t believe Putin has launched another major offensive where he’s no longer so delusional that he can’t win anything. He must have something beyond convicts charging.


They seem to be working towards a sneak attack on parts of Odessa

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Also building up troops in Belarus trying to divide the focus.

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like WMD in Iraq that led to the invasion, 100 of 1000s of dead civilians and soldiers and happy faces for MIC

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Russian terrorist group Wagner posted another sledgehammer execution video which I won’t post here.

The shit show circus that is russia continues.

The marines are doing a great job at getting blown up and running over their own soldiers.

The sad thing is Putin is hitting two birds with one stone right now. He wants to exterminate all fighting aged males from ethnic minority populations and killing Ukrainian’s while he’s at it. Ensuring russia won’t fracture because he will kill off all ethnic minorities within Russias borders.

fighting Ukraine until the last Tulan, Dagestan, and other ethnic minorities in russia far form the elites of Moscow and st Pete.

a sick individual.

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this guy is on crack cocaine and all the above narcotics. He claimed Russia is advancing under the umbrella of weapons systems that protect all advances. Next day the russians got absolutely fucking smashed to pieces with 1,000 KIA around vulhadar and another absolute disastrous assault near avdivka which led to 62 VISUALLY CONFIRMED pieces of heavy equipment lost. Great analysis for the realm of fantasy.

the funny part is there is no way he believes any of the shit he says, he’s paid by RT to just post absolute fuckery because he can’t get any other job anymore along with his pedo partner in crime Ritter.

Don’t neglect that it may have been done with Germany’s approval and/or participation as a response to the Russian invasion.

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He was correct on this.
A bandit in a cave on a 90s laptop computer managed to have people who could not fly planes hijack 4 commercial planes and guide 3 of them into buildings, etc., etc…
Said bandit was allegedly taken out and the evidence of it would not stand up in a court of law as the ‘body’ was immediately disposed of in the ocean. Footage of the killing, supposedly watched by the political goons, has never been released, probably because it does not exist.

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It was done with lasers.

on the heads of frickin’ sharks!

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You’re one speculation over the limit. Just for clarity, you think the Saudis were (more) heavily involved?

He was the bankroll, not quite the bandit in a cave that people make out

"As a result, bin Laden’s company eventually amassed assets in excess of US$5 billion. He made his initial fortune from exclusive rights to all mosque and other religious building construction in Saudi Arabia and several other Arab countries. "


Everything I’ve seen lately is higher casualties, lost armor, and failed advances (except 1 village)

In other news, a pro invasion politician seems to have admitted the goal is the reabsorb Ukraine into the union federation

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If that’s Russia’s ultimate goal then they are not going to win.

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German port of Bremerhaven, where American military equipment is arriving. In the port, 60 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and 280 pieces of other equipment were spotted.

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Proxy war on Europe’s doorstep.