Swimming Centres

Hi everyone… I’m looking for a swimming centre close to Pah Teh Road (Bade Rd).

I found one already but its only open mon, wed, fri from 7pm-8:30pm. A grand total of 4.5 hours per week!! what a waste. Anyway I can’t make it to that one due to work constraints.

Is there some kind of listing, government or otherwise of all the pools in Taipei? Who would know?

In Australia, I could just look up the yellow pages, but a friend told me that the yellow pages in Taiwan don’t include government agencies.

All help will be appreciated.

  • FYI yellow pages can have a completely different meaning in Taiwan

Well, I go to a fairly new Sport Center at the junction of Jong Shan N. and Chang Chung Road. It’s about 10 to 15min with a scooter from Ba de road. It’s very nice and very clean, I’ll try to find the phone # for you later today.

I know the one you are talking about… incredibly clean and well maintained, however, I recall it taking me ages to get there (I don’t use scooters!)…

What I really need is some kind of listing! that tells me where all the swimming centres are

I doubt there is such a listing (at least not in English).

Your location on Bade Rd would help. It’s a long one.

Also try searching the forums, there have been posts about swimming pools before.

If you’re down that part of Bade Rd, joining California Gym, might be an option, if you were planning on spending for gym membership anyway.

You could also try looking at a Chinese map. There’s a litlle symbol for swimming pool (but in my experience these have been out of date).

Finally try universities and schools, but I really don’t know how you’d discover if a school had a pool open to the public.


It’s five mins from Shuang Lien MRT (red to Danshui)

Tel 2581 1060

swim $110 locker $10 (i.d required)

I’ve no idea how far from Bade road though.

I can give you directions if you wish.

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Sorry, OT, but that reminds me of when I travelled to Beijing in 2001 with that German advertisement guy who was doing a trailer for the German Post. He somehow got the idea that buying one of those blue Mao suits would be a great idea, and when I pointed out that this era was sort of gone and it would be hard to find any, especially in his size, he was like: “Don’t they have Yellow Pages here? Why don’t you just check the entries under “Professional clothing”?” :help:

This is a list of Swimming Pools for Taipei and more:
There is no such a list in English as far as I know. This is in Chinese, but I am sure you can get around with it.
Good swim :sunglasses:

Here’s a list of swimming pools from the tealit website.


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