Tainan Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival 7-8 Feb 2020 鹽水蜂炮節

Planning to go to the world’s most dangerous fireworks festival third year in a row.

Located in 鹽水


looked at the link, what’s on the back of the pigeons?

Jet packs?
Inflight BBQ?
Racing morters?

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Messages for the Gods?

I have no idea but I’ll be looking for them at the event.

Hello everyone, I am Dano from 嬉遊境空間構築工作室 - Diverting Scenes studio. One of the most representative religious event of Taiwan will be held in 30 days - Yanshui Beehive fireworks festival. And it is also the third largest folk celebration in the world. Welcome to set up a trip to join with us!
Below film is a documentary which we made and be nominated by InTainan film award 2017.

Event will be held on 7th-8th Feb. 2020.
Our studio provide private experiential tour(2 days/ 1 day) with bilingual guide, if you are interesting about this festival, please feel free to send me the message.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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The town of Yanshui is very interesting besides this festival. There is a lot of convenient transportation available to visit its attractions, like the Tainan tour bus set by the government or the many shuttles from the Chiayi HSR station.

You should try and post on Facebook foreigner groups if you have not already.

Welcome @xenops.

Coming up in less than 2 weeks.

Stopped by and took some pics of the schedule and map. Also available on the internet. I might translate it later.

This first schedule is the most useful info and includes the two days of fireworks with the main event occurring on 8th February. Basically there are four groups of fireworks beehives moving around the city simultaneously. So you can follow one or just run around to the different locations and catch the ones you want.

More info

They try to hype the city up for the few weeks before the main two days but it’s really nothing but markets and some lights.


Awesome. I remember seeing pictures of this last year and thinking ‘damn, I need to go to that’.
Any advice on where to stay for an out-of-towner? Would it be too far from Chiayi / Tainan?

Nearest hotel spots to Yenshui are Tainan and Chiayi. Almost nothing nearby.

And they have special event buses to random spots like other towns and train stations. Maybe crowded. If you don’t drive.

There are hotels (and a couple of minsu) in the nearby towns, such as Xinying (新營), Xuejia (學甲) or even Budai (布袋), but it may be hard to book a room at this late date.

Given the Wuhan stuff, I’m rather surprised this event is still happening - you’ve got to think some people have cancelled their room bookings.

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I want to go and wear a Go Pro.