Tainan Yenshui Beehive Fireworks Festival 18-19 Feb 2019 鹽水蜂炮節

I’m going again.

Thread from last year.

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More info from Taiwan tourism bureau.


Anyone going? The main event is Tuesday the 19th, with a warm-up on 18. Basically, there are 4 parades of fireworks that move around the city at evening. Can either follow one parade, sit and watch parades come past, or run around the city to different spots and watch. Everything is walkable.

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Main event coming up Tuesday night.

Just dropping by so you don’t feel too alone in this thread.

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Thanks for the reminder. Got my news for tomorrow.

Apparently AQI skyrocketed to over 3000 during the middle of the festival and averaged over 300.

It was hard to breathe sometimes. Must be wicked on the lungs.

Nearly 30 hurt, must be a record. But cool pics.

They also held a similar activity in Taitung, with many foreign students attending.