The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Well, that change of weather at 6pm was rather inconvenient


Yeah, there seems to be a small but intense pop-up storm in east Taipei


And starry skies in Yilan.



A massive landslide caused by the meiyu front has buried an entire village in Sichuan Province - up to 100 people missing and feared dead

Meanwhile, the full swelter has set in for Taidong - crushing heat every day - without any sign of relief. At least up north you will start to get your afternoon thunder storms soon but we don’t even get that

38’s for southern Taidong while Taipei should get close to 37C today


If it’s any consolation, it was a sweltering 38C in Oregon’s Willamette Valley today. In fact, the whole Western U.S. is in the midst of a heat wave. But at least it doesn’t come with that steamy, sticky humidity that makes Taiwan’s hot weather so hard to bear. Also on the plus side, houses here are properly insulated, so you can stay reasonably cool as long as you don’t venture outside.


Surely your “here” is in the US and not in Taiwan. The “insulation” of buildings here (at least those constructed after the Japanese colonial era) is a joke.



Of course. Insulation is as rare in Taiwan as polite drivers and plus-size clothing. :sunglasses:


Where you in Oregon? Wife and friend stopped over in Ashland and it was 100F there. Could hardly go outside. But yes, it’s a dry heat, so much better than Taiwan’s sticky, humid heat.


I’m in Albany, right in the middle of the Willamette Valley. The predicted high for yesterday was 104F, but in the end it topped out at 99F. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty comfortable as long as I stayed in the shade. I guess living in Taipei has built up my tolerance for high temps. The predicted high for today is 94, but next week it’s going to drop back down to the high 70s and low 80s, which is pretty much perfect with the low humidity.


When do you think the first typhoon will hit? August?


Maybe sooner…


The main time is from mid-July to mid-Sep

Though we are only 10 days out from the 1st anniversary of the Cat 5 Monster that smashed Taidong last year

When I first came to Taiwan, most typhoons seemed to happen Aug-Sep, even Oct, but in recent years July has been more active


That early typhoon last year in Yilan made all the Black Drongos disappear. It was great to be able to ride my bicycle without getting constantly harrassed. Unfortunately they’re back in full force.


I had to google that. Thought it was an insect pest. YouTube showed me. That is some serious Alfred Hitchcock shit. I hope they aren’t always so territorial.


It was the same for tiger head hornets - they basically had a generation wiped out last year - though I’d rather take my chances with the hornets than face another early typhoon of that size

Seems Taipei may start getting into the afternoon thunderstorm pattern this week, which will offer some relief from the heat at least


No sign of the thunderstorm part in my part of Taipei City–at least not yet!



They act like that every year for 3 months. They guard their nests/newborns by attacking people, other birds, cats and dogs, thus letting any predator know that they have their nest nearby. If they had more natural predators it would be an animal bound to go extinct.

I cannot stand them, mainly because they bully other birds. I’ve seen them attack sparrows mid-air and kill them just for the sake of it. They get their asses kicked by swallows though, they are much faster and more agile.


If I could sign a contract like:“Every year in Yilan there will be a typhoon like Saudelor 2015, and there will be no wasps until the end of times” I’d sign it with blood!


Technically, time is supposed to be infinite, so you’d need a good lawyer to write up the contract, ba!


Loving this hot weather in Taipei!