This Week’s WTF Story Award Goes to... (2020 edition)

Stripteasing Musk. (No more embedding of videos?)

erm … well, it was just an awkward, nerdy dance. Not exactly striptease. Poor Elon. He probably shouldn’t have gone along with that. Still, the audience seemed to enjoy it …

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He did it for the memes


Move over ice bucket challenge – say hello to 2020’s celebrity striptease challenge! :man_dancing: :dancer:

During the Aids epidemic, Karen and Barry were model employers.

Barry would visit employees who became ill or who were taken to hospices with HIV, which was then a fatal illness.

Staff who became ill with Aids were supposed not to work - if they did they would lose their health insurance. But Karen would allow them to work on days they felt well enough, and would keep quiet about it.

“I let them come to work and paid them cash, which was illegal, but there was no reason that they should lose who they were. I have always felt that work is important,” she says.

I don’t if this is a WTF story. More like Hidden Heroes. God bless em.

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Think of it from the kids’ perspective. Imagine your parents are Mr. & Mrs. Rowland, and one day you find out they’re running the American Communist Party… :astonished:

A more apt example would be they’re running the Tea Party/KKK local chapter.

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Well yeah. Subsisting on nothing but beer does sound like what we did in our 20s …


That isn’t legal and if one of the thieves died they’d be looking at first degree murder charge. You can’t claim self defense, especially in California.

Probably is, but not much sympathy for the thieves, TBH.

I think the police ought to do this sort of thing far more often (minus the baseball bats, obviously). In the UK a few years back, when there was a fashion among the light-fingered classes for stealing car radios, the police used to leave decoy cars around and arrest those who tried their luck. Since the thieves treated this as a sort of day job, and there were relatively few of them carrying out vast numbers of thefts each, I would guess it was very effective. You only need to catch a dozen of them to slash the crime rate by 90%.

When I was first in China I would eat KFC for Thanksgiving and Christmas because I couldn’t afford the hotel holiday meals (or more accurately, I didn’t want to spend 10% of my monthly income on a meal).

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Shouldn’t have posted to social media. Otherwise I approve of this action.

Bait Car. Awesome show!

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Yeah, like I tend to say, laws exist for reasons.

So, what’s the tuition rate for such moronic behavior? Lucky that his name was published.

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Well, somebody can taste it…if they’re so inclined.

You don’t even need to use your unconventional taste buds to “taste” it because you can catch a whiff of the aroma wafting up.

As for what Milko is talking about, no comment. :see_no_evil:

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