Turn a thread title into a movie

I’ll start

Meg Ryan stars as an aging translator who got a big contract to translate the classic Chinese tale. The hitch is that she’s lost her passion for the work and the Chinese billionaire underwriting it is really demanding and wants his own stamp on the story but she wants to be true to the original. Also, there is a romantic subplot with his assistant (can be male or female, female might actually work better for the story)

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Clearly Asian porn

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Yes, but I wouldn’t say the oysters in Taiwan are extra unclean.


What’s the plot?

Any story?

Is this a romantic comedy?

Title: Money, Sex, and Who You’d Be Willing to Date

Plot Summary:

In bustling New York City, three best friends in their late twenties – Sam, an ambitious stockbroker, Alex, a passionate artist, and Jamie, a tech entrepreneur – find themselves at crossroads in their personal and professional lives.

Sam, who values wealth above all, is on the brink of a major career breakthrough, but his obsession with money strains his relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Mia. Alex, the hopeless romantic, juggles a series of flings, seeking a deeper connection but often prioritizing physical attraction. Jamie, the cerebral and ethical one, grapples with the moral implications of their startup’s new direction which could potentially lead to immense wealth but at a societal cost.

Their lives intertwine when they make a bet to step into each other’s dating lives: Sam must date someone with no interest in wealth, Alex must pursue a relationship that’s not initially fueled by physical attraction, and Jamie must date someone whose values clash with their own. This social experiment, meant as a playful challenge, quickly evolves into a profound journey.

As they navigate their new romantic endeavors, they encounter a series of comedic and dramatic situations. Sam falls for a passionate school teacher who challenges his materialistic views, Alex becomes enamored with a brilliant scientist who doesn’t fit his usual physical type, and Jamie finds themselves unexpectedly attracted to a savvy business investor with ruthless methods.

Throughout the film, they confront their prejudices, fears, and vulnerabilities. They start understanding that love and personal connection transcend beyond money, physical attraction, and similar worldviews. In this process, their friendship is tested but also deepens.

The climax comes as each must make a crucial decision about their future – choices that pit their newfound insights against their longstanding beliefs and ambitions.

Money, Sex, and Who You’d Be Willing to Date is a tale of self-discovery, friendship, and the complex interplay between love, ambition, and personal values. It ends on a note of hope and introspection, as each character steps into a future with a newfound understanding of what truly matters in relationships and life.


White washing! Boo! Down with Scarlett Johansson!

Oh, but the race element can be part of the plot! You know the assistant-lesbian-love interest is gonna save the day at the end :slight_smile:

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I see Jamie has they/them pronouns. Very progressive of you (or, of ChatGPT?)

cue artificial heavy rain and blue camera filter

White woman approaches asian man in the rain, drops dropping from both of their nose and chin and cascading down her hair. He’s a bald fuck, so no worries there. She touches his cheek with a soft hand, bending down gently as she is three feet taller than him with her heels on.


Man is whalloped into lower Earth Orbit by a blue truck, after failing to realise they were both standing in the middle of Roosevelt Road.

rain intensifies to eliminate the requirement for fake blood

Driver of blue truck gets out, big reveal that it is Assistant-Lesbian-Love Interest. White woman and Assistant-Lesbian-Love interest embrace passionately in an uncomfortable exchange which leaves the audience questioning the genre of this story. They enter the blue truck and drive off, some overdramatic M83 song plays, sung by White Woman.


Film gets cancelled by Twitter for the inherent racism but wins an Oscar due to not letting the man get his way and therefore tyrannical patriarchy avoided.


Mid credits scene: A-pillar defence! No consequences!

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That would be a mistake

Rom Coms win Oscars and big box office returns

The Friday Bin

Title: “The Friday Bin”

Genre: Horror Comedy/Parody

Logline: A group of clueless Hollywood actors stumble upon a cursed bin in the heart of Taiwan, unlocking vengeful spirits with a flair for the dramatic. As they navigate haunted visions and supernatural shenanigans, they must confront the ghosts of their own past… quite literally.

Main Characters:

  1. Chad (Protagonist): Chris Pratt
  • The fearless but clueless leader, Chad believes he’s the hero of the story, even when faced with absurd supernatural occurrences.
  1. Tiffany: Rebel Wilson
  • Tiffany is the sassy and outspoken member of the group, always ready with a witty comeback and unfazed by the ghosts’ antics.
  1. Dylan: Adam DeVine
  • The goofy and lovable friend who provides comic relief, Dylan’s over-the-top reactions intensify the absurdity of the supernatural events.
  1. Madison: Emma Stone
  • Madison is the skeptical and sarcastic member of the group, questioning the logic of every haunted vision and plot twist.
  1. Mr. Chen (The Shop Owner): Jack Black
  • Jack Black brings his comedic genius to the role of Mr. Chen, the eccentric shop owner with a penchant for dramatic warnings and over-the-top gestures.


“The Friday Bin: Ghosts Unboxed” follows the misadventures of a group of Hollywood actors shooting a forgettable film in Taiwan. While exploring the local market for “authentic” experiences, they stumble upon The Friday Bin, a legendary cursed artifact that promises more drama than their entire filmography combined.

As the actors unlock the bin, they unwittingly release vengeful spirits with a flair for the dramatic. The ghosts haunt the actors in absurd and comical ways, turning the once-serious horror into a hilarious parody. Each haunted vision is a nod to Hollywood clichés, and the ghosts demand over-the-top resolutions to their unresolved issues.

Chad, Tiffany, Dylan, and Madison must confront not only the supernatural but also their own ridiculous pasts as the ghosts force them into a series of zany misadventures. With a mix of slapstick humor and self-awareness, the Hollywood actors navigate through ghostly encounters, cheesy dialogue, and unexpected dance numbers.

In the end, “The Friday Bin: Ghosts Unboxed” delivers a tongue-in-cheek message about the absurdity of Hollywood and the unpredictable nature of the supernatural. It’s a horror parody that doesn’t take itself seriously, leaving the audience in stitches as they witness the chaotic clash between Hollywood and haunted happenings.

Credits: ChatGPT


It worked in Big Trouble in Little China!

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