What movies are you watching (2022)

Sounds more like I, Tonya

I just saw this. I fecking love it. It’s so funny and dark and sad at the same time, and visually it’s just breathtaking.

On Netflix. Take 1 part Guy Ritchie, stir gently with 1 part Tarantino, add dashes of Breaking Bad and John Wick for flavor, garnish with Snakes on a Plane. On a train.

The IMDB score of 7.3 seems a bit high


Will have to give that a go

The first one, I was stoked; great director and amazing cast. Was disappointed.

This time, I had low expectations and they were exceeded. I think I like the first one more now, hope they keep going with the franchise


It was a deep dive into the human condition which unfortunately ends up lost at sea. For a literal minded person like myself a poetically ambiguous ending isn’t a feature, it’s a bug. Still, it was well worth the voyage.

This film is superb. Dark, at times, but very humorous.

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Barry Keoghan as “Dominic Kearney” does a phenomenal job of acting.

Agreed. This movie is amazing.

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I saw The Muppet Christmas Carol at the cinema yesterday. It was bloody brilliant. Hasn’t aged a day and it’s 30 years old, incredibly.


Terminator and The Matrix were both based on books written by the same person and Terminator is a prequel to The Matrix.

Mind blown.

Sophia Stewart, female and woman of color.


Isn’t she full of shit and it’s all made up?


The Terminator was NEVER a book. James Cameron dreamed it up while sick with a fever. Nothing worse than useless con-artists trying to steal credit from those creatives that actually worked hard to get where they are (And why is it relevant that she’s a PoC?)


I just heard him talk about that on a podcast couple days ago.

Nobody mentions any controversies.

So then why are you posting this when you know it’s not true?

I don’t know what’s true.

I’m completely out of this old known loop apparently and just heard people perspective and didn’t even connect them.

Then no offense, but you need to be more discerning about what seems supported by facts and what’s clearly bullshit. This is a major problem in society today with people believing “fake news” or even memes on social media. I’m going to self-publish an e-book claiming I invented Transformers and see how many rubes fall for it.

Nice, that was a great movie.

This woman is a nutcase. Reminds me of the QAnon followers.

I have The Muppets Christmas Carol movie queued up to watch so I hope I don’t mistake some controversy with that one.