What’s the best mosquito repellent here?

I’ve never been bitten by mosquitoes before.
At home, we don’t have them, and places I’ve traveled to that do have them, they’ve never wanted to bite me.

Day 2 out of quarantine in Taiwan and I look like I have chickenpox from the amount of huge bites I must have gotten, even the soles of my feet are COVERED with bites.

What’s your best remedies / repellents? I’m using Green Oil right now because it was all I could find in the Pharmacy, but it’s really ineffective for the itching and pain. I can only seem to find “natural remedies” aka cinnamon / camphor scented sprays that don’t seem to work.

Possible ideas:


Are you sure it’s mosquitos and not bedbugs.

But number one rule in Taiwan is don’t scratch the bites. Slap them. If you scratch you will need up with sores that will take a month to heal.


As someone that has bitten by I dunno…1,000? mosquitos here both indoors and outdoors… I think YMMV on this one. I scratch them so much but so far no sores. :sweat_smile:

I use a plug-in mosquito repellant for the apartment you can get at stores like 愛買 (A-mart). They seem to do the trick.


Yea true. But I see children regularly with abscesses where they scratch the bites.

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We also use the plug-in mosquito repellant. Whenever we turn it on we never have problem with mosquitoes.

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Yeah, 100% sure it’s not bedbugs - brand new mattress and we checked the bedframe before we laid down the mattress, nobody has been in this room for 2+ years.

Also, my BF sleeps in the same bed as me, and he doesn’t have any bites - plus, the arm & leg I leave outside of the bed are the ones badly bitten, and we have seen a lot of mosquitoes around.

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Thanks - I’ll get one of those when I can. I’ve never had to deal with mosquitoes before and never knew the bites could get so huge!

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This is a very good and low cost preventive spray. Buy the biggest bottle you can find and then use a smaller spray bottle to keep in your bag. You can find this at PX marts. Some 711s used to carry the Off lotion which I much preferred. I don’t know of anything that will remove the irritation. Usually it takes me an hour to lose the discomfort.

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I keep a bottle on my balcony and outside of my door. I spray my feet with or without socks to keep them away. They will bite me through socks and thin shirts so I often bend over so my back is flat like a table and spray a good amount over my shoulder.

My mosquito kit when out and about

The repellent spay seams to work well even keeps away the little black one.

The blue one is good for taking the itching way and cools the bite.

The cream for the one or two persistent ones that are really annoying.

If like myself your skin is sensitive to the bites and sometimes all swells up, you may need mild antihistamines for a few days.


I haven’t had any luck with the non-DET repellents unfortunately. DET seems to be the only thing that reliably keeps the little king kongs away…

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Last year I had loads of very itchy spots around my waistline and one side of my body I thought where bites of some kind!
Works out is heat rash - any remedy for that. I used Snake Brand talc to ease itch.

I bought the black one cause someone told me it worked for mosquitoes and those other things, but I got ate to hell by mosquitoes. So I switched back to the green one and it seems to work alright

For healing from bites, get yourself a 到手香 plant (scientific name: Coleus amboinicus, common names include “Mexican mint” and “Cuban oregano”). They grow easily (like a weed) here. Wash off a leaf and rub it on your bites and they will cease to itch. I’ve gotten some balms from random “organic” farms around Taipei that seem to use the leaves + some sort of wax and not much else. Those work better than anything else I’ve ever tried for bites. Instant relief, but I can’t begin to tell you where to buy the balm. Yuanshan weekend farmers market? The plant you can find anywhere plants are sold. The leaves can also be used for a “throat coat” tea and also work magic in getting grime off kitchen surfaces.

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I need a pic. I’ve never had one that wasnt just incinerator fodder.
@bingobango too

Napalm works well. Be careful around furniture, curtains and people.


They sell them at Carefour at least one we go to. I have seen them in local hardware stores too.