A Memorial to Shiadoa

We’re creating this thread to remember our beloved member Shiadoa, who sadly passed away in 2019. Please feel free to add anything here you would like to share about him, a story or a thread he liked or would have liked, any type of wishes you would like to offer, or anything.

I never met him, and I wish I would have. We chatted a lot on the forums and in PMs. He was always very concerned about me when I had my own problems, and happy when I was able to resolve them. It hurt when I found out his cancer had come back, but he stayed positive all the way, and we all saw his positive attitude here in the face of his adversity. I’ll miss him greatly.

We’ve had a number of threads about his illness and passing:



He always found something to smirk at


I’ll just say that the way he faced the end of his rainbow :rainbow: here on earth is something for many people to learn from if not emulate in their own way.

I, too, never met him, but his online persona was enough for me to say he was an extremely honorable, thoughtful, and nice person.

The world, even just the Internet (where his legacy will live on in this forum), is a better place for his contributions.


RIP - I always appreciated his input.

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I also regret never meeting him in person. We’ve talked often on the forum and his ability to just step back from heated arguments with a sense of humor is admirable. In fact, I’ll try to be more like that to honor him as I do get too hot headed often.

From what I’ve heard and seen. He lived for 2 life times. So I take comfort in knowing that.

RIP @shiadoa


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Good guy. I miss his corny Dad humor in the ‘Funny Pictures’ thread and I wonder what he would’ve thought about this whole coronavirus situation.

I also have no idea what @Uncreativeusername is talking about.


My favourite @shiadoa thread

All our yesterdays: nostalgia


My favorite too. I always remember him when I see a nostalgia picture elsewhere on the net also.


I was brave yesterday and went and looked at my Facebook PMs from shiadoa. Lame jokes and dreadful GIFs at least once a week. And him imploring me to teach him how to do moderating stuff on Taiwanease.
Life is short and beautiful, my friends. Grab it with both hands and cherish it, for soon we fade, despite raging against the dying of the light. :heart:


This. He was rarely put on TILT by anybody or any comment. I wish I were as strong. Gunna have to work on it.

I think he would have been delighted by the Brexit results and Corbyn’s comeuppance. I think he would have loved the American 2020 Democrat debates, and I’m sure he would have cackled delightedly about how everyday Americans have more voice than ever in American politics simply by having their homemade, corny memes parroted on Twitter by the political arm of POTUS.

And he had an elephant’s memory for mid-century pop culture in the UK and France. I miss that, too.


I wished he was alive to see it. I’m sure he’s waiving his flag wherever he is.


I’ve said a lot about @shiadoa already, and I don’t really want to repeat myself. I’ll just say that he was, is and always will be my favorite Forumosan. He always kept his cool and good humor even in the bitterest debates, and saw the humanity in people even at their nastiest.

I really miss @shiadoa as a poster and as a friend. He even offered me a job once, and although I didn’t take him up on it…I’m not really a car guy…I appreciated the thought. I think being a race car driver probably prepared him to face his end with such class and humor. A model for us all. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll run into him up on the heavenly circuit one day. Sorry for the corn…it’s all @shiadoa’s fault!


It’s kind of dusty in here all of a sudden.


I also regret never having gone down to Taichung to meet him, we actually lived in Taichung at the same time previously but never crossed paths. In many ways we came from different worlds but also in other ways we shared some familiar humour. I’m sure he would be pleased with the UK striking out on its own again now after all the mayhem.
I owe another friend a million cigarettes and Shiadoa a pub full of the finest ale. He would also laugh at that and call me out on the BS but I’d definitely get the first round in anyway. :grin:
He shied away from cynicism and getting into flame wars and it’s definitely something to emulate.


Sorry a bit of a confusing post. He was a pretty cool guy though i’m not sure about the alien thing but I’d like to think he would kill them if they threatened earth

As long as you hoomans only kill the bad aliens, I’m fine with that. :slightly_smiling_face: :peace_symbol: :rainbow:

Better watch your back. :wink:

Oh, the cows are gonna form their own faction? Right, I’m absolutely trembling. :cactus: