Coronavirus - Taiwan Open August 2021

I’d choose cardboard over plastic any day.

Parts of the ocean floor are now being called the plastisphere. Entire new biosystem created in a decade or so.


So those hand trolleys of Cardboard that the oldies push down the middle of the road to the recycling joint each day are likely laced with COVID?

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4 + 2 = 6 and one more death.


That is like, very low. :heart_eyes:

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It’s too low. 99 is the real number. I win.

You are in the wrong thread! As we know all too well, there are no “winners” in the open thread. :rofl:


Today’s reported local cases were all in north Taiwan. One was already in isolation, meaning that three were detected in the community, with two of those cases having an unclear source of infection.



In much more important news Aotearoa today announced I can go home next year with no quarantine necessary. Ka pai!


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Is that guaranteed? I thought it was an ‘if all goes well’ situation.

Provided that you have had 2 shots, and can pay the presumably extortionate fare. All subject to change at the whim of the Dictators of course.

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Well yeah but all things being equal. I mean I’ll be vaccinated coming from a low risk area holding a passport and with three vulnerable relatives to visit.

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Interesting. The fact that compensation is being offered suggests an admission that vaccines were the most likely cause.

Apparently we’re now up to 9.7m doses given (most people being on their first dose only) which is quite surprising. Even if only a quarter of those 400 turn out to be linked to vaccination, a 1:100,000 death rate would be a bit worrying.

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Surely, you jest.

The problem here is the complete lack of interest in robust data collection. It could be that they’re handing out compensation to people who were not, in fact, killed by vaccination but might have been because there’s no way of proving it one way or the other.

If they were doing a proper Phase 4 trial, it would be exceedingly obvious how many deaths were directly caused by vaccination. But they’re not, so it isn’t. Who knows - maybe it’s more than 400.


The CECC has repeatedly stated that not a single death in Taiwan was because of a Covid vaccine, and that any death post-vaccine was simply a statistically expected and natural death for that individual’s demographic.

I’d be very surprised if they find even one death attributed directly to vaccines. If they do, it’ll likely be very much tempered by ‘comorbidities’ and statistical expectations.

Unlike, of course, death-by-COVID :slight_smile:

Which suggests that the compensation being handed out is basically hush money.

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I would call it “Condolence Money” - I think the TRA was handing out big wads of cash to families after last years Train Crash.

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I’m sure that’s what the government will be calling it, too. Nevertheless, the implication is that some blame is to be assigned, but it’s a mysterious sort of free-floating blame that attaches to nobody. Same as in the train crash incident.