Share your Covid Vaccination Experience Here

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Please state if you have a history of allergies, especially to food, bee stings or antibiotics (penicillin).
Wait for some to say… Piece of case.

If you have any other concerns, I’d like to know if the doctors thoughtfully listened or just pushed you through…

Waiting for the best, least side effects, choice. Heard more choices are coming in September

Got first AZ vac on Tuesday morning. About 2:00am started getting the chills and fever which lasted about 90 minutes. After that just a mild fever but not feeling too good for another day. Pretty much back to normal by Thursday afternoon. Well, I am old and weak anyway.

Very few people at my vaccination place in Hualien. Doctor did ask a few questions. In and out within about 35 minutes including post shot wait time. Even had a guy playing a piano to create the mood.


Love Hualien


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Other than a sore arm for 3 days, I had no other side effects. It has been 5 days since the AZ shot. Everything is fine.


Are you an allergic person? I just had an allergic reaction to something that was not even in my list of ingredients to avoid. It could have been poor plant sanitation or a new allergy.
Anyone with food, medicine, tic/mite or bee sting allergies please mention that until us how the doctors addressed your concerns.

The pianist seemed to appreciate my applause.

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I’m low key jealous of all the teachers able to get vaccinated :sweat_smile:

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I’m low key jealous of all those people whose job is just teaching

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My first shot was during the self-pay window before the big outbreak started. Registered online at Far Easter Hospital and got a spot. Arrived on the appointed day to find the vaccine area on an upper floor in a cramped corridor with lots of people, lots of forms to fill out, and a long wait before they started vaccinating.

The second time, I had to wait until the day before the 70th day before I could book my slot, according to a text I received. That morning, the registration website was down. Thankfully it was up and running later in the day and I got my spot. The following day, I found the vaccination station to be on the second floor mezzanine, and everything was super-efficient. In and out in half an hour, including the 15-minute post-jab wait.

As for side-effects, the first time, on the day after the jab, I had a slight fever, a sense of malaise, muscle aches, and a headache. The following day I just had fatigue, and I had a lice long sleep. After that I was right as rain.

The second time, my symptoms were similar, but considerably milder, and I was able to function normally and even go outside for walks. I didn’t even have a fever. The next day I felt 100%.

Both times I had soreness on the injection spot for a few days when I pressed on it. Normal after-effects of having a needle stuck into your muscle.


My wife’s fever got even worse. It was over 38 degrees for a couple of hours until it eventually came back down to 37.5, which is still a fever. Her headache was so bad that she actually started crying for a while. She insists on not taking panadol until the fever is 38.4, but iher temperature never got that high.

My co-worker’s wife is a teacher, so she got her first AZ shot Saturday morning. She had a fever over 38 degrees around 10PM that evening. They thought she probably wouldn’t show any side-effects since she was fine that afternoon, so they didn’t get any panadol. When the fever started it was too late to go to any pharmacy. It’s times like this when the US seem more convenient with Walgreens and other 24hr pharmacies. We live in the same building so I gave them half of my panadol stash.


My non-existent interest in getting jabbed is even more non-existent now that I’ve heard so many people gotten sick from it. I’m the only one I know who hasn’t bothered to register online.


I found your post about the first shot, but I don’t want to link to it without your say-so.


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Also wrote about my side effects for the first dose:

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A lot of people I know who got the vaccine had little to no symptoms like me.