Taiwanese diaspora & Taiwanese restaurants overseas

Have you ever been to Richmond?


So one town with many Taiwanese immigrants = there are many Taiwanese immigrants everywhere?

Check the stats.

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Taking a quick look at Wikipedia, the number of overseas Vietnamese is just over 5 million, compared to almost 2 million overseas Taiwanese

So, based on your logic, we should expect to see 1 Taiwanese restaurant for every 3 Vietnamese restaurants

But of course, the logic is flawed. Once again you are taking a complex issue and boiling it down to a single factor.

Size of diaspora isn’t the only thing. What about the reasons people go? Their demographics? How do they enjoy the food where they go?

And of course, how much do they miss the food they left behind?

And of course, how many people visit that country and enjoy the food?

And how much do the people in the host country enjoy the food? How well can it be adapted?

Just looking at the number of overseas people is only a piece of the puzzle.


That number is an overblown estimate. Many of those “overseas Taiwanese” just own a ROC passport and don’t have much connection with Taiwan.

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Show us some better stats, then. You brought it up

Give us the numbers on Taiwanese and Vietnamese restaurants, while you’re at it

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Another interesting tidbit is that when Taiwanese immigrate to the U.S. and open restaurants, they often don’t sell Taiwanese food. They’re not dumb, after all.


Sure. I would also hazard a guess that they have the capital and education to have better opportunities, or at least better things to do, than opening restaurants.

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Check the stats!!!
:::歡迎蒞臨僑委會全球資訊網::: (archive.org)
Overseas Taiwanese Total population
Regions with significant populations
23x12 United States 1,002,000[1]
23x15 Indonesia 632,000[2]
23x15 People’s Republic of China 404,000[3]
23x15 Thailand 290,200[1]
22x15 Brazil 90,000[1]
23x12 Canada 128,885[4]
23x15 Japan 303,000[1]
23x15 Vietnam 99,350[1]
23x15 Singapore 81,000[5]
23x12 Australia 190,020[4]
23x12 Malaysia 340,090[1]
23x12 Brunei 63,000[1]
23x12 Philippines 99,000
23x15 South Korea 31,000
23x14 Costa Rica 69,000[1]
23x15 France 89,500[1]
23x14 Argentina 68,000[1]
23x12 New Zealand 89,000[1]
23x15 South Africa 75,000[1]
23x14 Germany 45,000[1]
23x12 United Kingdom 96,000[6]

Vietnamese has more but not by that much relative to the popularity of Pho restaurants. Overseas Vietnamese - Wikipedia

Canada has 240000 overseas Vietnamese, which is double the overseas Taiwanese. Vietnamese has 100X more restaurants.

That’s because the demographic to which you are referring was predominantly waisheng led, who had much easier access to passports and mobility at that time.


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Or they call it Chinese food, so people dont come in and ask how come there is no pad thai.


i agree, even an average banmi is better than lets say a subway sandwich or Qburger level food.
breakfast places are hit or miss, i have a few i prefer and frequently eat in, but private owner, not chain ones.

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True, and the ones that did immigrate and became cooks are now dead or retired. their kids are all doctor / lawyer / engineer.
we will see the same with VN immigrants in 30 years.

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That’s just cause the Taiwanese in Canada are mostly selling some sort of pretend Chinese mush in order to get citizenship easily :joy:

Apparently there’s more than a million Taiwanese living in china

I suspect these numbers have changed quite a bit recently, almost certainly downward.


That’s due more to supply than demand.

There was a time when the only jobs available to ethnic Chinese was in restaurants or laundromats. Now, Taiwanese have more options.

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Taiwanese restaurants headed by professional chefs have been trending in the US for the past few years. It’s not difficult to find a good Taiwanese restaurant in most US cities.


say what?

Some guy on a Taiwanese food FB forum said General Tso’s chicken is the second most popular dish in the USA behind pizza.

Must be true, then.