Taiwan's Digital COVID Vaccine Certificate (數位新冠病毒健康證明) [TO BE DISCONTINUED AT THE END OF MAY 2023]

This thread is for information on digital certificates and help for those who have issues getting them.

Discussion and hypothetical questions can be posted in the other thread:

Here a video that shows digital vaccine certificate process:

Press release in Chinese:

Article in English:

It is possible download it as PDF and print out.

There is also a process to print them at iBon machines:



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First time I tried it the certificate was displayed empty, but was send fine to my email.
Second time everything worked fine.

I think it is not yet possible to add it to the mobile device besides keeping the PDF there.

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Edit: Someone told me the apps are region locked :roll_eyes:
APK download - CovPass (17.1 MB)
APK download - CovPassCheck (16 MB)
APK rehosted directly from the Google Play Store
Edit2: Some have issues with name formatting being wrong/cut off
Edit3: Cut off names is an issue with Taiwanese certificates and not the apps.

This official German app can store the digital certificate. Has English language.


There is also an app to check validity of digital certificates of others (e.g. for establishments)


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Hint: the website seems to be quite busy. It often gets stuck at the “please wait” (in mandarin) message. Waiting for minutes didn’t seem to do much… So I simply tried a few times until it worked. The “waiting” time was a few seconds, less than 10.

Yes, hangs for me at the “Please Wait” as well. Tried several times but no go. Will try again later.

Now I have managed to download the Certificate. I just need to work out how to get a link to the PDF file on my phone homescreen. Presumably sometime Taiwan will provide an App for local use, just depends on whether the CDC mandate Vaccines at some time as required for admission to some places.

I downloaded that App and scanned my Certificate, which seems to be OK though it has some formatting errors . There is a comment down towards the bottom which says “You can only download German Certificates as PDF Files”. I will keep the app on my phone though, it does display the right details, and I have the TW Certificate on the phone as well, and will also get myself a printed copy. Of course a Booster shot will require an updated certificate too.

EDIT - found a better one - Swiss and not geo-restricted - named COVID Certificate.

I am sure there will be a Taiwanese app and Google Pay will support Taiwanese digital passes soon.


Did this work for you? I could scan it all right, but the name shows up garbled. Like… if my name was “Lastname Firstname Middlename” it shows up as “astname Firstname Mi L” in the main screen, and as “L, astname Firstname Middlename” in the certificate detail view. The standardized name is completely ok.

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Mine was a bit garbled too then I saw the note about “Only German Certificates” so the use of Chinese Characters in the Taiwan issued Certificate maybe confuses the app.

Lets hope that there is a Taiwan Certificate App coming out soon.

In the meantime, just having the Certificate itself is good enough

I input my ARC ID and health card number and it says its not working…load of turd.

My name and surname are rather short. They were displayed correctly.

That one only displays my Chinese name. An obstacle if showing in Europe.

try the passport login option

**Unified ID is your ARC number

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Yes, seems it grabs the name rather differently, there is a “-” before my name and a space between 1st and second letters of my surname, else it shows OK. For my partner, who is Taiwanese, it shows the Chinese Name only.

So we wait until Taiwan produces its own App, which hopefully caters for the a-z alphabet as well as Chinese, no doubt why some others are country restricted. Meanwhile, just have the PDF handy and show it if asked.


A post from @au @audreyt on the digital certificate.


Are they predicting the future?


Maybe they gave me a full vial both times? 11 shots in each, right?