Factory - New Real American Restaurant in Tainan

If there’s anybody looking for good American food (Macaroni and Cheese, Cheeseburgers, Philly Cheese Steaks, Pizza, etc.) and also some new fusion type food, go try Factory in Tainan, North District (just up the street from Red Wolf and Tainan Park). Owners/Chefs are real Americans and their food is just like how you would expect it in the US. They have a large selection of beer (American Crafts too) and of course, speak English.

Their address is:
630 Gong Yuan Road
(06) 251-6151


400nt for a Bolognese!?

It had better be American sized portions for that price!


Saw them the other day but I have not been there.

May give it a try, but sorry Macaroni + Cheese, or Pizza are not American food :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Best of luck guys! Not many foreigner Chefs in Tainan.

That’s American food to me more than anything.
But hey if you want to argue about who invented junk food be my guest.

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I thought it was pretty well known that pizzas and macaroni were Italian food :wink:

Hey hey hey. I love a good Pepperoni or Haiwaiian pizza as much as the next person. But we dont call those Italian. Same with things like Kraft Dinner. That ain’t Italian.

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Fair enough, bro.

The tomahawk steak looks great value. You’d pay 1000 for that in a supermarket. You’d be looking at close to 4k in a restaurant in Taipei.

The food is fantastic. Specially developed by chef. Really nice.

And check out the Bloody Mary.


Kraft Dinner and Hawaiian pizza. Canadian much? :wink:

Well…yeah. That’s one of my countries.

I’m wholeheartedly vouching for this place, as a former chef, to anyone who craves real food and real ingredients. The brunch is authentic as it gets, and the amount of detail Chris (the chef) has put in into the menu is jaw-dropping for this price range.

The food, though advertised as American, isn’t the typical burgers and fries. He serves much more contemporary American dishes that make this restaurant just so rare.

Awesome. I’ll be near Tainan Chinese New Year. I’ll have to check this out.

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I agree. I’ve only had one meal there and the food was off-the-charts good

A recommendation in the ‘Tainan Breakfast’ thread mentioned a place called Factory, this led me to look it up. The pictures on Google maps looked good, so we went there for dinner tonight.

I can’t say enough good things about this place.
Nice ambiance, spotlessly clean with an an open kitchen, the service staff speak good English, the food is high quality, large portions and excellent value for money.

The owner/chef took the time to come out and introduce him self. It’s clear to see that he’s put his all into this, and really cares about what he’s doing.

This is my new favorite place in Tainan, no question I’ll be back soon.

If you live in Tainan or are passing through and want a decent western meal, do yourself a favor and check this place out.


What did you have? What are they good at?


Brunch is on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm or something. He serves legit breakfast items such as pancakes, french toast, omelets , steak and eggs…Bloody Mary and AYCD mimosas as well.

Lately I’m there once a week to work and help out as I’m trying to build my own restaurant. Chris is true restaurantuer and has amazing experience under his belt. He doesn’t come on to the internet forums as much, though he mentioned that he should.

His place is now jumping. It’s pretty busy almost every day, so I suggest you make a reservation. He serves super legit homemade burgers(house baked buns, beef patties all freshly grounded) handmade pastas, legit tacos, big azz tomahawk steaks, roasted pig face, lamb legs…I can’t say enough how legit and honest his menu is.

Definitely one of the best place to get some grubs.

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I had the cheese burger, my wife had the steak with omelet, my kid had the child’s meal cheese burger. We shared brownies for dessert.

As Akisan said, all made in house even the buns.

Next time I’m getting the tomahawk steak, need to order 2 days in advance for that though.

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