MoI changed the ID Number format

Early news, but this is as definitive a statement as I’ve seen that TW gov is changing the ID number format used on ARCs to match the format used by citizens.

the government has decided to change the coding format of the [ARC Number] to be in accordance with the coding format of the National Identity Card


Assuming this means ARC numbers will be compatible with all online forms on Taiwanese websites that require the ID number? That’s serious progress!

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Wow! But yet another trip to the middle of nowhere if you live in NTC!

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That’s what it says. 1 letter, 9 digits, instead of 2 letters, 8 digits. raises hopes

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The second letter has always been totally pointless anyway. Male/Female and China/Other (A, B, C, or D) are duplication of info already on the ARC.

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4 STR 4 STAM leather belt level of awesome :open_mouth:

Not necessarily. It depends on how the website checks the ID. Taiwanese ID card numbers are based on several factors. One being gender, giving a 1 or 2, another being the region you were born in, with several numbers, and there are other factors as well. There is a simple algorithm that takes the first numbers and determines the last two. Some websites reject a number if it the numbers don’t fit the correct pattern. Since few ARC holders were born in Taiwan, and some of those other variables may not apply, the numbers may not calculate in the same way.

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So what’s the point?

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They ‘did’ something about it!


I’m guessing the current system causes problems for banks, etc, though one would think it would have the same algorithm check. Assuming they’ve thought it through, they will code the numbers in a way that conforms to the checking system. Like maybe give a number based on the region where we apply for the ARC. There’s information on Wiki for what each number means. It’s not complicated. Fingers crossed they’ll get it right.


I think that’s exactly what going to happen.
The number will be random for foreigners and not pass the checksum.
Then the issue is the same with banks, telecoms and websites.

I’d like the system they have in Japan when you apply for credit you only need your drivers license and health card, the law says you cannot insist on an arc for ID that way foreigners in Japan can get credit easier from what I read online. With Taiwan they see a foreign face and demand an ARC

I’d like to be proven wrong though for once

Wow! If this indeed goes forward, that would be awesome.


Here’s an English news article for y’all:


thank you to the DPP

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current format is
first letter = where you applied for the ARC (this already matches the codes used for NID cards)
second letter = C for male aliens, D for female aliens, A for male nationals, B for female nationals

if all they will do is to change C or A to 1 and D or B to 2 the checksum won’t work under the current formula

What they should really do is to make the look and feel of ARCs to be the same as ID cards all but in wording when they roll out the new ID card design in a couple years. Hong Kong has been doing this for many years. The current design is cartoonish.

Does this mean those of us who already have the two letter ARC/APRC that we will have to apply for a new ID number?

Probably they will issue the new number upon renewal. They can link them all together.

In about 10 years?

Or the banks could add a few lines of code to their systems to solve the problem.