Index of key / sticky topics: please read first


For ages I’ve kept a bunch of sticky threads here at the top of the forum. But I don’t think this is the best way to organise things. So now I’m trying something that Redwagon suggested to me ages ago: having one sticky “index” thread with links to other key threads. This should make it easier for us all to find the threads we want, without the inconvenience of scrolling through a lot of sticky topics if we’re just browsing the forum. Feel free to suggest topics or topic categories for the index.

Safety gear and training
Motorbike Safety Training Courses
100 good reasons to wear a full-face helmet
Buying a decent helmet in Taiwan
Recommended driving instructors?

Legal stuff
Got my car and motorcycle license
Driving school
Foreign-issued international driving licenses/permits
Taiwan-issued international driving licenses/permits
Countries with reciprocal licensing arrangements with Taiwan
Transferring vehicle registration
Had an accident? Going to have one? Look here first.
Anyone ever try importing a bike/car from overseas?
Swap the engine in your car or bike?
Ride is unregistered / stolen, you were stopped by the police / towed.

Vehicle purchasing
Buying a secondhand vehicle

Vehicle maintenance
Scooter maintenance intervals
Recommended mechanics
Mandarin car / motorcycle parts and maintenance terms
Tires buyers beware
What to clean and lube a chain with
[url= performance analysis[/url]
English/Chinese motorcycle parts"?

TIS racetrack
TIS track days
Building a new racing team–name suggestions?
TIS race classes
TIS race track (old thread–link to new thread in last post)

Zen and the art of fzr150 maintenance
Zen and the art of fzr150 maintenance
Scooter License in Taiwan