Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - April to August 2022

There was a boy who cried wolf. That’s the thing about being full of shit, one loses all credibility


Yeah, if those are his words (and I guess they are, because Mr. Mercouris says they’re apparently from a TV interview), Putin sounds almost like a policy wonk. I’m no economist, but about Russia not being responsible for the food/inflation problem, he makes out a pretty good case.

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Finally, some real news

Russian Generals added to international red list of endangered species


I would suggest like our leaders he too has speech writers.

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Ukraine is an illiberal democracy, Russia is a fake one.

@cake was accused of that earlier, and I responded to the accusation:

@cake doesn’t like war. He has a long history of posting antiwar opinions on this board:

December 13, 2002

May 7, 2003

October 31, 2004

October 19, 2005

June 9, 2006

January 29, 2007 (quoting William Blum)

November 6, 2008

October 10, 2009

August 25, 2011

September 1, 2013

June 14, 2014

March 23, 2016 (quoting William Blum again)

September 2, 2018

October 10. 2019


To be clear, i wasn’t accusing anyone on the forum of anything.


Then I apologize.

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Holy smokes! I see what you mean!

I thought I saw something like that earlier, but it was a closer call than your video (the smoke puffs looked like they were sort of overlapping the tanks), but I was like, maybe the tanks are being hit, but the fragments/concussion can’t been seen from the drone’s height. Thing was, though, the tanks were still moving.

But in your video, the errant behavior of the rounds/rockets is pretty easy to see, to put it mildly.

I also saw a video of some Mitsubishi trucks that were equipped with S-8 rockets, about which I know nothing, except that I read somewhere (Wikipedia maybe?) that those rockets were originally supposed to be for use by aircraft. I couldn’t make out what type of vehicles the rockets were being used against (tanks, personnel carriers, or what) because the vehicles were far off and partially enshrouded by the smoke from the rockets. But whatever the vehicles were, they kept on moving, and I didn’t notice any explosive flashes. Since the events were occurring in a field, one Twitter wag asked if the video was a demonstration of some new agricultural method. Anyway, even from my layman’s perspective, it seemed entirely possible that those rockets were indeed better suited for aircraft.

May I just, completely besides any important topics, point out that this French artillery thingie’s user interface looks like straight out of a bad 1990s computer game?

I especially like that “ASAP” field. Probably it sets up something like “When would you prefer your target to be obliterated?”

PS: How about the Panzerhaubitze 2000? Is it live yet?


I like that it has a glossary, just in case they need to pause the game and look something up mid-battle.

At least it wasn’t designed in Taiwan. The user would likely need to download and install four independent security plugins on first use, then go get a six-digit activation code from 7-11 before firing.


Sure! We could use a laugh or two around here.

That would work. Or how about, “When would you like to bug out after firing this thing?” I think that would be the one task I could do skillfully on that contraption: pressing the “ASAP” button if it was for getting the hell out of Dodge.

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I’m not sure. This article, dated yesterday, says Ukrainian soldiers have completed the first stage of training on it:

Does it take very long for them to learn their way around it?

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That was a blast from the past.
And reading it was a reminder that nothing has changed much.

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I think you skipped the part about visiting the NHI office to set up a password to enable digital access.



But I think if we ignore his nomenclature, he’s got a point.

This is all on Russia

Well, we heard from some city councilmembers today. Now, they’ve long since left, but they’re still in touch with some residents. And they put out a statement, saying thousands of bodies are decomposing in the rubble as summer sets in there. Also, the sewage system is not working, so they say there’s a powerful stench throughout the city. The statement said the city is literally drowning in garbage and sewage, and there are fears there could be a cholera outbreak.

Now, Russian state media denies there’s a humanitarian crisis there. But since Russian troops took over last month, the city is largely a black hole when it comes to information.

I am.

VERY unpopular.

Taiwanese students in particular regard it as cruel and unusual punishment and generally flatly refuse to attempt it.

Taiwanese staff pretty much ditto, though its a BIG BUT UNDEFINED THING in the fictional official syllabus.

I was at a publishers seminar on “Teaching Critical Thinking” a few years ago and I used spotting some BS in one of their textbooks as an illustrative example of how I teach it.

Another foreigner spotted it.

“So UNFAIR to students.” was the general Taiwanese verdict.“You must to tell them the right answer”

Maybe a cultural thing. Or just me.


I like it. Was thinking the same when I read @fumarole response and article.

This is ALL on Russia? From the article.

the European Council president, Charles Michel, said Russia’s war is having a global impact - quote, “it’s driving up food prices, pushing people into poverty and destabilizing entire regions. Russia is solely responsible for this food crisis.”

Driving up food prices, inflation, people being pushed into poverty, food shortages, supply line problems, high price for gas and heating.

Using critical thinking, is this really ALL Russias fault? They certainly made things worse, but ALL of it? Is Russia “solely responsible for this food crisis”?

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To misquote HAL “We are putting them to the fullest possible use, and that is ALL, I think, that any conscious entity can hope to achieve”