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Got a good recipe to share? A new dish you cooked up and want to show off your skills as a chef? Share!

I made a Cajun chicken and sausage pasta today. I make a lot of fusion style Italian food because Italian food can be a bit boring sometimes and lack spices sometimes. Very good tasting but can be a bit boring if you like a lot of different flavors.

Minced garlic
Garlic powder
Cajun seasoning
Worcester sauce
Chicken breast
Sausages (I used Italian sausage)
Diced mushrooms
Chicken broth
Heavy cream
Pasta of your choice

I don’t use exact amounts of ingredients and go by feel and personal taste on the recipe.


Put some butter in the pan and than the chicken breast. Season it with Cajun spices. Don’t be shy on the Cajun spice. It’s the main flavor and you want it to shine. When finished, cut and put it aside for now.

Use the Same pan to use the flavors of the Cajun sauce and chicken and put in more butter. Put in your cut sausages and cook until some browning. Take it out and put it aside.

Now do the same again with your mushrooms. And take it out and put it aside.

Now use the same pan with all the flavors left in. Put in more butter and some of your minced garlic. Then put in chicken stock and after cream. Some Worcester sauce as well. Put some paprika and garlic powder and stir well. After a few minutes, put the Parmesan in to thicken the creamy sauce.


Once done. Slowly put the cooked pasta, chicken, sausages, and mushroom in. The order isn’t important.



Table of Contents:

Chicken and Cajun Pasta
Blue Corn Tacos With Tomato Cabbage Salad
Tortillas with Cassava Flour
Homemade Blue and Yellow Corn Chips, Salsa, Tostones with Cheese and Guava Paste
Guava Paste
Homemade Jjajangmyeon
Homemade Pesto
Pork Tenderloin/French Toast/Fish Tacos
Cincinnati Chili with Pork
Cider-Braised Chicken and Mushrooms
Three Cups Chicken
Adobe Seasoning
Lemon Garlic Spaghetti
Ginger Punch
Seafood Pasta
KFC-Like Fried Chicken
Mint Chocolate Cake
Mystyle Flapjacks
Cheese Scones
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Looks good. I’m a simple cook.
Made some pappardelle tonight and cheated with a jarred arrabbiata sauce.
200 grams of semolina
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon of salt
Water as needed
Put everything except the water into the mixer with paddle. Mix, add just enough water to come together. Knead with the dough hook till smooth.
Flour dough and wrap in plastic. Rest one hour.
My grandmother rolled out the dough my hand, but I’m lazy and use a pasta roller attachment on my KitchenAid.
I cut the dough into 4 pieces plus the tiny sacrificial piece for starting to use/clean the pasta roller.
Roll each of the 4 well-floured sheets lengthwise. Slice and shake the pinwheels.
Boil about 3 minutes or until al dente.
Toss in a skillet with your favorite sauce and pasta water.
Grandma liked to make carbonara because it’s cheap and also good.


Looks good. Sometimes simple is best with the right ingredients.

Dem’s FIGHTIN’ words! O_O


Boring may not be the right words. But it’s not the most adventurous cuisine. Maybe the best in the world. But for me, lacks taking risks with flavors and variety of spices.

Oooooo a thread I could love.

Lunch is going to be Bulgogi with rice, kimchi, egg, salad and pan fried squash.

Bulgogi recipe –


You’re pretty far north right

I live in Tuscany which is kind of in the center. Depends on who you ask, it can be considered north.

It basically is cuisine-wise, right? A lot of people rave about the food there though.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But there is a lack of anything but Italian food. Some kebab places here and there. And a few terrible Chinese restaurant from Chinese immigrants. I can’t tell you have many times I’ve seen a “Chinese Resraurant” that says Sushi! on the signs.

I hear you. I love it too but not sure I’d want it daily. New York is the same now, every place is Chinese/Japanese/Thai lol. Some are still good though

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It’s been a while since I stepped into NYC. I really miss the bagels. The selection of food isn’t too bad if you knew where to look of course.

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Try using some Nduja if you can get hold of it up north. Will add an extra layer of flavor and spice.


That sounds good actually. Adds more to the spice.

Did cook sticky spare ribs recipe by Ramsay for quite few times and my family loves it.
I got a slab pork belly for tonight -I want simple ingredients and less messy so I will go for Crispy pork belly :smiley:

Sauce: Pinoy vinegar or soy sauce with garlic or mang tomas sauce.


Blue corn tacos with tomato cabbage salad. Ground pork sauteed with onion, celery, spiced with smoked chili, cumin and Sriracha.


Homemade jjajangmyeon


Wow, look delicious. Care to share your recipe with us?

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You bet. I’ll even try to make it half-assed understandable :rofl:

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