I want to live in Taiwan but worried about China

Hi I am South Korean and I love R.O.C.
I want to live in Taiwan long term and permanently if I want.
But I am worried that Mainland China invade Taiwan so it make me carefully.
In Korea,we think Kim jung un never invade us and we are more worried about Trump.
Anyway,how you guys think about this problem?
Is it ok to live Taiwan?

Thank you
Have a nice day!!




You say you love Taiwan, but have you ever been here? What is it about Taiwan that you love so much that you want to stay here permanently?

Welcome. I used to live and work in Seoul! Now I’m in Taiwan of course. From my perspective, I was much more worried about getting nuked or killed in an artillery barrage from North Korea when I was living in Seoul than I’ve ever been about a Chinese invasion happening here in Taiwan. I think Kim Jong Un (and before him his father Kim Jong il) could be crazy or desperate enough to initiate a direct military strike on South Korea. But I don’t think China will directly strike Taiwan. I think they’re going to choke us diplomatically and we’ll end up in a situation like Hong Kong over a few decades in which we make more and more political compromises until we’re forced into a deal and basically swallowed up by them. So if that kind of slow burn destruction of our political freedoms is not the kind of immediate danger you’re worried about, I really don’t think you need to be concerned… especially coming from South Korea of all places!

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South koreans are very welcomed in taiwan I’m sure! South koreans, japanese. South east asians? Sort of welcomed. Chinese? Definitely not.


Most likely to happen in a geopolitical situation that also involves the Koreas kicking off so its probably six of one half a dozen of the other.

Of course, because that makes perfect sense. :roll:

You never know until you try! Blast off!

I’ll keep en eye on this one…

Chinese not welcome? how many Chinese are living in Taiwan? how many granpas are Chinese?


if you mean Chinese are people from Mainland China, who get residency of Republic of China are roughly 400,000 have got residency in total, and 200,000 have got hukou in Taiwan.

roughly 3,000,000? This may be too small. About double or more?

If grandgtand patents and more are included, vast majority of people living in Taiwan.

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Are you finding it difficult living as a Chinese person in Taiwan, @BHL4life? :wink:

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My mom is korean. No issues.

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not sure what you guys are on, but mainland chinese, as in present times(obviously) mainlanders are looked down on by taiwanese. theres a lot of prejudice floating around.

i went to beijing recently with my gf, her family were surprised to hear that people there were friendly and not too different to taiwanese. if they believed it at all that is. and i noticed her facebook photos of beijing basically got ignored.

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Some Taiwanese look down on mainlanders and SE Asians. Most realize that is a form of prejudice not reflective of the democratic values of Taiwan and would extend the same welcome to anyone regardless of their race or ethnicity.

There may be a lot of prejudice towards them, but there are lots of people that don’t buy into that way of thinking. Nobody I know would be less welcoming to someone because of their nationality.

It’s a hatred of their ideas. Not their race and ethnicity…since we are all mostly ethnically Han Chinese. Forgive me if I don’t like a person who refuses my right to self determination and believe using military force to oppress me.


Do they all have the same ideas? Have you asked them? All the SE Asians and Chinese have the same way of thinking?

i don’t think you know many taiwanese if thats the case. seriously, there is no love lost for taiwanese people towards mainlanders. some of it warranted, some just old fashioned prejudice.